Advisory Board Charter


The UW TechConnect Advisory Board actively supports and sponsors information technology related events, learning opportunities and communities of practice for colleagues across the University to explore, learn, and connect.


We envision an environment where UW information technology professionals

  • Explore emerging trends and stay informed about initiatives and relevant issues
  • Learn from each other, share and adopt best practices, and minimize duplication of effort
  • Connect with colleagues across the University and readily form partnerships across organizational boundaries

Guiding Principles

The TechConnect Advisory Board follows these guiding principles in supporting and sponsoring IT related events and learning opportunities:

  • The TechConnect Advisory Board represents both local and broad perspectives of IT at the University.
  • TechConnect-hosted events are relevant, inclusive and provide a balance of topics for departmental and central IT staff, as well as faculty and students.
  • Speakers represent a balance of departmental and central IT staff, students, and faculty within the UW and speakers beyond the University.
  • Foster a culture of ongoing learning and professional development for the University’s IT community


The TechConnect Advisory Board actively supports engagement and learning opportunities for the University’s information technology community as follows:

  • Provide input and guidance, including Identifying topic ideas and speakers and serving as a sounding board
  • Raise awareness across campus, including outreach to departmental staff
  • Enlist presenters from a wide range of subject areas and perspectives
  • Provide sponsorship, which may include marketing, advising, officiating sessions, and attending events
  • Support and provide input into the TechConnect online presence

Reporting Structure

The TechConnect Advisory Board is sponsored by and advisory to the Vice President for UW-IT and CIO. The Board is supported by the Office of the Vice President for UW-IT and CIO.

The Board partners with the UW Computing Directors and engages with the Student Technology Fee Committee.


The TechConnect Advisory Board is comprised of about a dozen University IT professionals representing UW-IT, UW Computing Directors, UW academic and administrative units, and UW Medicine. Student representation is invited.

Members are solicited from across the University’s IT community to ensure broad representation, and appointed by the Vice President for UW-IT and CIO.

The term of appointment is two years, with approximately half of the membership rotating out and being replaced each year.


The TechConnect Advisory Board meets monthly, or as needed.