Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice are groups of UW colleagues with similar information technology interests who gather to share common skills, technologies or methodologies. Communities are comprised of people with real-life experience who collectively leverage their individual efforts. Explore the groups below:

AccessibleWeb@UAccessibleWeb@U is a community of UW web designers, developers, and other interested individuals who discuss and share ideas on building information technologies that work for all people at the UW.Rick Ells
Agile DevelopmentShare successes and challenges across teams practicing agile development.Gabe Florentino and Anne McDonough
Business AnalystCreate a regular opportunity for UW Business Analysts to discuss business analysis as a professional discipline, and to learn about UW projects at large.Carol Bershad
Developer ArchitectureHelp architect first-class applications to ensure the best possible university computing experience. We touch on a broad range of topics, with the primary focus being on development with, and operation of, Microsoft technologies.Brent Holterman
DrupalShare knowledge and best practices around the Drupal content management system. Participants include site managers, designers, site builders, and developers.Dan Druliner and Heather Wozniak
EDW Business IntelligenceDiscuss current enterprise data & analytics news and issues. The group meets quarterly in a structured format, with both presentations and free-form discussions.Ann Wunderlin
Embedded ArchitectsBuild a community of technical architects that can share expertise, collaborate in problem solving, and help define and promote the UW‰'s Enterprise Architecture vision.Rupert Berk
Front-end TechnologiesShare knowledge around front-end Web development and technologies. Topics include Javascript/CSS/HTML5 coding techniques, Javascript/CSS frameworks, CSS preprocessors, code editors, living style guides, linters and task management build tools. Accessibility, optimization, and responsive design are among the themes.Jeane Marty and Peter Graff
Research SoftwareGet together with other software developers working in different research labs at UW, and hear about their research and the interesting problems they have had to solve. We are dedicated to find a way for software developers, often working in isolation, to become great coders. Maria McKinley
SharePointEnjoy a brown bag lunch in the company of others in the UW community who work with SharePoint. We share tips and techniques and show examples of the work we are doing. You can also attend using Lync 2013.Greg Frick
TestingAllow testers to share techniques, tools, challenges and successesKerry Lamb
Tableau Users
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Support the growing UW Tableau community, through Tableau education, troubleshooting assistance, and development and dissemination of best practices. The group meets every two weeks in semi-structured format with both presentations and free-form discussions. Consultants from Tableau are typically on hand.Ann Wunderlin
Web CouncilThe University of Washington Web Council's mission is to set the highest standards and best practices for the UW's Web presence, to foster collaboration and cooperation, and to share resources and expertise in making the UW Internet and Intranet indispensable and accessible to all by providing and promoting the best user experience possible.Gina Hills
WordPressWordPress is used many different ways and our members range from content editors to system administrators. We crowdsource solutions, elicit recommendations, and discuss best practice via our email list. Meetings are comprised of presentations and open discussion. All are welcome, so come share your WordPress work us!Brian Vogt
UW Connect UsersA forum for all licensed users of UW Connect to learn about recent and upcoming changes to the tool, share tips and tricks, brainstorm improvements, and help the service team prioritize improvements! Faizan Hasham, Leetza Pegg and Mary Mulvihill

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