Communities of Practice

The UW information technology Communities of Practice are groups of colleagues with similar interests who gather to connect, learn, and grow together. Explore this list to find and engage with communities of interest to you.

Contact Name
Contact Email
Business AnalystCreate a regular opportunity for UW Business Analysts to discuss business analysis as a professional discipline, and to learn about UW projects at large.Colleen
Developer Architecture Working GroupThe DAWG's mission is to help architect first-class applications to ensure the best possible university computing experience. We touch on a broad range of topics, with the primary focus being on development with and operation of Microsoft technologies.Brent Holtermanbholt@uw.eduDAWG Wiki
EDW Business Intelligence SIGThe group meets in a semi-structured format with both presentations and free-form discussion on current enterprise data & analytics issues and news.Ann Wunderlinannw@uw.eduEDW-BI-SIG Wiki
Embedded ArchitectsBuild a community of technical architects that can share expertise, collaborate in problem solving, and help define and promote the UW’s Enterprise Architecture vision.Rupert Berkrberk@uw.eduEmbedded Architects Wiki
Microsoft Architecture CoPThe MS Architecture Community of Practice group exists to collaborate about the implementation and management of Microsoft technologies. Keywords: share, discover, influence.Brian Arkillsbarkills@uw.eduMicrosoft Architecture CoP Wiki
Project Management CommunityShare best practices for managing projects in UW-IT.Greg Koesterkoester@uw.eduProject Management Community Wiki
Sharepoint SIGTo enjoy a brown bag lunch in the company of others in the UW community who work with SharePoint. We share tips and techniques and show examples of the work we are doing. You can also attend using Lync 2013.Greg Frickgdfrick@uw.eduSharepoint SIG Portal
Tester Brown BagTo allow testers to share techniques, tools, challenges and successesKerry Lambtestingcop@uw.eduTester Brown Bag Wiki
UW Agile DevelopmentThis group was formed to share successes and challenges across teams practicing agile development.Anne McDonoughapm55@uw.eduUW Agile Development Portal
UW Tableau User GroupThe group meets bi-monthly in semi-structured format with both presentations and free-form discussion. Our goals include supporting the growing UW Tableau community, Tableau education, troubleshooting assistance, and development and dissemination of best practices.Ann Wunderlinannw@uw.eduTableau User Group Portal