2017 TechConnect Conference

2017 UW TechConnect Conference Recap. Transformative IT - The new normal
4 years and counting. This year's conference marked the 4th anniversary! We hope to see you next year when we celebrate our 5th
Date: March 23, 2017. Place: Husky Union Building, Seattle Campus. Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
What was just right. In a post event survey, attendees felt the following categories were just right
Time to network: 89%. Information Shared: 84%. Range of Topics: 75%. Time to ask questions: 82%
Most valuable sessions. Based on post event survey responses, the following sessions were noted as most valuable
Quote from keynote attendee: "Provided a broad perspective on what peer organizations are doing and a good overview of the state of the IT industry and how it relates to us" Quote from skills and competencies session attendee: "Interactive and well designed session that connected with the topic of the conference and reflected on information shared in the keynote" Quote form application registry session attendee: "Raised awareness of the need for an application registry and had the audience thinking about future possibilities"
highest attended sessions. So many great sessions this year made it hard to pick which ones to attend. These three talks had the highest attendance By the numbers. TechConnect just keeps growing! Check out our numbers from this year's conference
1. Keynote - IT: A Strategic asset or a cost center - what's IT going to be? 2. The enterprise service desk: A shared approach to Tier 1 Support. 3. Aligning skills and competencies with changing tech environment 39 presenters, 67 volunteers, 367 attendees
98% of attendees said they're likely to attend again next year. We hope to see you there!
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