UW TechConnect


A special thank you to those who sponsored and volunteered to make this year’s TechConnect conference a success.

Conference Sponsors: UW-IT and UW Computing Directors Group
Conference Coordinators: Maureen Noonan, Heidi Barta, Cindy Brown, and Gwen Trentham
Web and Social Media: Jade McDaniels and Michelle Martinez
Reporter/Photographers: Gretchen Konrady and Ernie Jones
Communications: Kay Pilcher, Alexis Raphael, and Paul Schurr
Greeters: Heidi Berrysmith (Coordinator), Dennis Chiu, Jen Hall, Alin Hunter, Roland Lai, Serena Lee, Jamie Palermo, Roland Rivera, Judi Stretz, Andy Ward, and Leigh Wunderlin
Session Hosts: Alan Lechtenberg (Coordinator), Gabe Florentino, John Gannon, Leslie Jones, Jacob Morris, Rebecca Rowe, and Reiko Shigemoto
UW Computing Support Forum Planning Committee: John Drew, Mark Baratta, Trevor Baglien, Kristen Dietiker, Roland Lai, Lisé Quinn, Erik Lundberg, Jacob A Morris, Jim Phelps, and Karalee Woody

Odegaard Library: Louise Richards, Susie Cummings, and Lynda Ekins
Capital Projects:
SooZahn-Helen Bradley, Aaron Cheuvront, and Anthony Nguyen
UW-IT Academic Services:
Learning Technologies and Classroom Technologies & Events