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Participate in a series of presentations and discussion exploring emerging trends, key initiatives, services, and tools from different perspectives.

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Scheduled Talks:

10:00 – 10:45

Flipping the Classroom (OUGL – ALC 141)
Speaker(s): Peter Wallis, Jason Smith, Linda Martin-Morris
UW Faculty are using technologies to deliver content to students outside the classroom, and enable activities in-class, as part of “flipping the classroom.” Join this session for an interactive overview of the technical support faculty and students need in this emerging trend. Make connections with other technologists supporting “flipping the classroom” and related pedagogical techniques. No prior reading or watching required.

Major Program Review (OUGL – 102)
Speaker(s): Greg Koester, Ryan Markowski, Jenni Laughlin, Jill Yetman
Hear updates on HR/Payroll Modernization, Electronic Document Imaging Systems (EDMS) and MyPlan. Program managers will review their program’s goals and benefits, roadmap and timeline, one-year plan, current milestones, and current quarter’s activities.

Office 365 (OUGL – ALC 136)
Speaker(s): Marcus Hirsch, Tom Lewis, David Norton and Greg Frick
Office 365 offers a wide range of features and functions, some available today and some on the way.  In this session you will learn what is on the horizon along with what you can do right now.  This session is rich with demonstrations and suggestions that will get you started. You will learn how to use Lync for meetings and one-to-one communications across devices and you will learn how to collaborate with colleagues or fellow students in OneDrive. The advanced email and calendaring features of Exchange Online will soon be available across the entire university. While the cost benefits are significant there is a great deal of excitement around the benefits of a common calendar and email system.

Trust in the 21st Century: Will UW NetIDs Make the Grade? (OUGL – 220)
Speaker(s): Nathan Dors, Scott David
The business of the university requires assurance that the digital identities issued to and used by its members are trusted – suitable for everyday use, portable across organizational boundaries, yet resilient to security threats. This session will explore your place in the emerging online identity ecosystem and what you can do to ensure your UW NetID is a “trusted” identity.

11:00 – 11:45

Departmental IT Listening Tour Recap (OUGL – ALC 141)
Speaker(s): Cara Giacomini
UW-IT is reaching out to departmental IT staff and technical leads to collect feedback to improve services and support related to teaching, learning, research, and computing infrastructure. In this session we will share what we have learned from our activities to date, go over our plans for the future of the “tour”, and provide a forum for participants to discuss how UW-IT could evolve services, communication, and support in these areas going forward.

Understanding the Privacy Landscape and How to Cover Your A$$ets (OUGL – 102)
Speaker(s): Ann Nagel, Braden Vinroe
At the heart of information security, assurance and privacy efforts is the protection of critical assets (hardware, software and/or data supporting information-related activities). Join us for an overview of how to identify and protect your most important information assets.

IT Service Management (OUGL – ALC 136)
Speaker(s): Scott Barker, Mary Mulvihill
IT services are embedded into virtually everything we do at UW. How do we determine which services are most important for UW? What frameworks can we leverage to manage these services that we all depend upon? Join us to learn about the IT Service Management Governance Board, IT Service Management as a framework, and current efforts underway to continually improve how we partner to offer and manage IT services at UW.

Fall in Love with the New Application Integration Building Blocks (OUGL – 220)
Speaker(s): Rupert Berk, Paul Schurr, James Renfro, Paul Prestin
Demonstrating …

  • Fast, flexible searches of near real-time data
  • Ready-built, customizable business process automation
  • Paperless enterprise document management

1:00 – 1:45

Accessibility and Inclusivity (OUGL – 102)
Speaker(s): Rick Ells, Dan Comden, Terrill Thompson
UW services and sites should work for everyone. The UW is committed to accessibility in a big way for a number of reasons: (1) To build an inclusive community, (2) to improve usability for everyone, (3) to comply with the law, and (4) to avoid lawsuits. This presentation will explain these goals and go over the basics of creating inclusive, accessible websites that work well for everyone, including people with disabilities.

Design for Success: The Why and How of User Experience Design (OUGL – ALC 141)
Speaker(s): Jason Civjan
An investment in User Experience (UX) Design helps ensure that your product will meet real user needs and that your development process is scoped to efficiently deliver success. Let’s debunk some common assumptions about UX Design; understand the underlying methodologies; and learn about how to bring UX Design into your development process today. Bring your burning questions, as we’ll have plenty of time for Q&A.

UW-IT Infrastructure Services (OUGL – 220)
Speaker(s): Brad Greer
Delivering and operating large software applications requires a variety of underlying technology.   UW-IT has a sizable investment in various computing infrastructure components and has made many of these available via the service catalog.  This session will provide an overview of Servers, Storage, and Workstation services, followed by an open discussion of future directions.

Visualization/Tableau Showcase (OUGL – ALC 136)
Speaker(s): Ben Robinson – School of Public Health, Michael Visaya – UW Advancement, Nevena Lalic – Office of Planning and Budgeting, Ann Wunderlin – UW Information Technology
“Data visualization is the graphical display of information for two purposes: analysis and communication. Important stories live in our data and data visualization is a powerful means to discover and understand these stories, and then to present them to others.” (Stephen Few, 2013)  In this talk, three presenters from across the university will share visualizations they created using Tableau software, UW’s data visualization tool. Hear the insights they’ve gained and the impact those insights are having in their work and on the University.   Bonus: Near the end of the session you’ll have a hands-on opportunity to explore UW Profiles data visualizations, UW’s first release of institutional metrics in visualization form.