UW TechConnect


Join colleagues for a deeper dive into Accessibility, Agile/Lean, and Enterprise Architecture Strategy.
Workshops will take place in the Odegaard Undergraduate Library & Learning Commons from 2:00 – 4:00. See the TechConnect Agenda for more details.

Workshops presentations downloads are available online.

Scheduled Workshops:

Accessibility Workshop and Tour of Facilities at Mary Gates Hall
Presenters: Rick Ells, Dan Comden, Terrill Thompson

What aspects of your website would prevent some people from using it? In this workshop we will demonstrate the use of assistive technologies (such as screen readers and speech to text), try out free Web tools for evaluating your website’s accessibility, and  take an online tour of an accessible university site. After the workshop session, you will be invited to walk over to the Access Technology Center in Mary Gates Hall for hands-on demonstrations of various kinds of assistive technology.

For more information, contact Rick Ells, rells@uw.edu

Stop Starting and Start Finishing! How to Link Agile and Lean Methods across Business and IT to Quickly Deliver Technical Solutions that Achieved the Highest Business Value
Presenters: Jeanne Marie Isola, Laurie Hunt, Heriberto Rodriguez, Gwen Trentham

Utilizing a consistent sprint cycle, book of work and standard approaches to sprint planning, demos and retrospectives, the Finance Program reduced their work in process, increased transparency, and achieved the highest business value by scaling Lean/Agile across business and information technology financial staff.

In this workshop, we will review a case study of how the financial system business and information technology partners worked together to create a common language, roles and responsibilities around the Lean/Agile methodology. We will also conduct a hands-on exercise to demonstrate team-based strategies.

For more information, contact: Jeanne Marie Isola, jmisola@uw.edu

Enterprise Architecture Strategy
Presenters: Heidi Barta, Jim Phelps

What is the difference between an Enterprise Architecture (EA) approach vs. a Technology First approach to solving problems?  Why start with a shared strategy?  Come play the “What the Heck is EA Anyway” game and find out.  We will play the game, tell our stories, share our experiences to highlight why UW is investing in an Enteprise Architecture strategy and practice.  We will also share how you can engage in the EA effort at UW.

For more information, contact Jim Phelps, phelpsj@uw.edu