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Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities
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UW LEND Leadership Competencies

Upon completion of the UW LEND training program, trainees successfully achieve the following leadership competencies:

  • Mastery of MCH Leadership Competencies (Version 3) and administrative skills to affect systems change, for children with NDRDs/ASDs and for vulnerable populations.
  • Knowledge and skill in all aspects of NDRDs/ASDs including: prevention and health promotion, early detection, evaluation, treatment strategies, care coordination, evidence-based practice, medical home, and adolescent health transition issues.
  • Mastery of the interdisciplinary team skills (e.g., team building, shared leadership, mutual accountability) and communication skills (e.g. verbal, written, and conflict resolution).
  • Knowledge of life course theory, the social environment (the family, community, and school), and other social determinants of health in children with NDRDs/ASDs and their families.
  • Skill in family-centered, culturally competent, community-based health care practices.
  • Knowledge and skill to evaluate, apply, and conduct research in all aspects of NDRDs/ASDs.
  • Knowledge and skill applying Title V legislation and policies, and public health core functions to maternal and child health program and practice issues.
  • Ability to utilize information technology (e.g. electronic communication media, information and data management, electronic medical records, and distance learning) to promote innovative practice models.

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