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Developmental Pediatrics

Forrest "Curt" Bennett  

Forrest "Curt" Bennett, MD

Responsibilities: Dr. Forrest "Curt" Bennett is the Discipline Leader for Developmental Pediatrics. He is also the Director of the High Risk Infant Follow-up Clinic. He participates in the core seminar series as both a presenter and discussant. Dr. Bennett is a critical faculty member with respect to the partnership with State of Washington Title V in regard to Community Early Identification Training. He is an established independent investigator. He is the Director of the Pediatric Medical Student Program and the Pediatric WWAMI Program.

Beth Ellen Davis  

Beth Ellen Davis, MD, MPH

Responsibilities: Beth Ellen Davis, MD MPH is a Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician (DBP) and the Director of the UW LEND. She was a UW LEND fellow in 1999 while earning an MPH at UW, Seattle. She has spent the last 20 years in the US Army and retired in 2009 at the rank of Colonel. For a decade, she was the program director of the sole military DBP fellowship located at Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma WA. She attends in two of the interdisciplinary settings at CHDD, the Child Development Clinic and the High Risk Follow Up Clinic. Her research interests are in systems of care for children with NDRDs and ASDs, adolescent transition, needs of military children, and pediatric palliative care.

Gwen Glew  

Gwen Glew, MD, MPH

Responsibilities: Dr. Glew is a developmental pediatrician who works in the autism and neurodevelopmental pediatrics clinics at Seattle Children's Hospital and at the High Risk Infant Follow-Up Clinic at the CHDD. She also acts as attending inpatient physician at Seattle Children's Hospital. She has special interests in Fragile X, autism, prematurity, and complementary medicine for children with cerebral palsy and autism.

Anne Leavitt  

Anne Leavitt, MD

Responsibilities: Dr. Leavitt sees patients in several settings. At the Center on Human Development and Disability (CHDD) at the University of Washington, Dr. Leavitt is the co-director of the Cristine M. Trahms Program for Phenylketonuria (PKU). She also evaluates children in the Congenital Hypothyroidism Follow-up Clinic, and the Child Development Clinic, with a special interest in Prader-Willi Syndrome. Dr. Leavitt provides clinical care at the Seattle Children's Autism Center and serves as medical director at Boyer Children's Clinic. She also writes and edits Child Health Notes.

Sue Livingstone  

Sue Livingstone

Responsibilities: To be posted

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Katherine TeKolste, MD

Responsibilities: Dr. TeKolste is project director for the Adolescent Health Transition Project and co-director of the Washington State Medical Home Project. She works with the Washington State Learning Collaborative as co-lead on the Medical Home Learning Collaborative. She is a member of the Child Health Notes project team and was part of the Interdisciplinary Children's Oral Health Project. Dr. TeKolste serves on several LEND-oriented committees. She also serves on the Children's Health Improvement System subcommittee on EPSDT and Developmental Screening for Washington State. Dr. TeKolste was instrumental in developing and continues to update the Washington State Medical Home website. She remains active in efforts statewide to implement medical home principles, improve developmental screening for young children and improve children's oral health and mental health.


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