Introduction: Course objectives

Audiology Practice

How the Ear Works

Hearing Loss


Types of HL

Degrees of HL

Etiology of HL

Prevalance of HL

Detecting and Diagnosing Hearing Loss in Children

Intervention for Children with Permanent HL

Case studies


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What does an audiogram show?


The audiogram is a plot of a person’s hearing thresholds. Across the top of the audiogram is the pitch of the tones, from low to high pitch, plotted in frequency from 250 to 8000 Hertz (Hz). The level in decibels (dB) is plotted down the side. The normal range of hearing is from 0 to 20 decibels hearing level (dBHL).

This audiogram shows air conduction thresholds for a person with a moderate hearing loss:

Audiogram: person with moderate hearing loss

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