Introduction: Course objectives

Audiology Practice

How the Ear Works

Hearing Loss

Detecting and Diagnosing Hearing Loss in Children

Intervention for Children with Permanent HL

Case studies




Professional Associations


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Other Resources

Amplification and FM
Phonak e-school desk is an interactive resource to learn about FM.

Phonak maintains an FM configurator as part of the e-school desk. This tool provides support for programming and using Phonak FM systems with various brands of hearing aids.

Developmental Milestones
LinguiSystems: A complete and easy to navigate resource for communication milestones.

Books/Pamphlets/Posters for Audiologists

Early Intervention
Handout about available EI programs for families in Seattle, Washington:
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services - English Version
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services - Spanish Version

Communication Choices and Decision Making an essay by Mary Pat Moeller published by Hands & Voices on choosing a communication method, suitable for parents and audiologists.

Decision Guide to Communication Choices, a guide for parents in choosing communication options.

Recommended websites For Families with Deaf/ Hard of hearing children

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