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Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities
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Clinical Training

All UW LEND trainees are required to participate in one or more interdisciplinary clinic settings. This may include onsite interdisciplinary programs and/or off-site community based clinical settings. Clinical training opportunities are arranged in coordination with the trainee’s faculty mentor. For UW LEND distance-learning trainees, arrangements will be made for clinical training opportunities in your immediate community or region.

Menu of Clinical Training Opportunities
Community Based
Other Community Based

On-Site Interdisciplinary Clinical Opportunities
Clinic Participatory Opportunities Schedule
Child Development Clinic Interdisciplinary team assessment of children & youth with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Monday &
Clinic Schedule
High Risk Infant Follow-up Clinic Interdisciplinary team assessment of infants and children with history of prematurity, low birth weight, &/or substance exposure in utero. Wednesday
Congenital Hypothyroidism Clinic Interdisciplinary team assessment of infants and children with congenital hypothryroidism. 1st and 3rd Friday

FAS Diagnostic & Prevention Network Clinic

Interdisciplinary team assessment of children, youth, and adults with history of prenatal exposure to alcohol.
>Learn more on the FAS DPN Website.


1-Day Observational Training

Phenylketonuria Treatment Program Longitudinal follow-up and mentoring of children and youth with PKU and their families. 3rd Wednesday &
Autism Center Diagnostic clinics and intervention programs for children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  
Biochemical Genetics Program Interdisciplinary evaluation, consultation and management for metabolic disorders. Thursday
Neurogenetics Program Interdisciplinary evaluation, consultation, and medical genetics counseling to children with rare genetic disorders and their families. Tuesday

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Community-Based Clinical Opportunities
General Information:
  1. Review sites below and decide on a site (and possibly a back-up site).
  2. Contact Kathleen Lehman (lehmank@uw.edu) for contact information for your site.
    • There will be a maximum number of trainees per site.
    • It may be possible for some site to accommodate small groups of 2-3 trainees for a visit if you want to go as a small group.
    • Required for long-term trainees.
    • Site visit may occure on your clinic day. Make arrangements with your facutly mentor for coverage of your clinic duties.
  3. Important: Fill out the questionnaire after each site visit.
Sites Information/Schedule

Boyer Children's Clinic

1850 Boyer AVE E
Seatle, WA 98112

Family-centered  interdisciplinary services for children birth to three years of age.

Monday - Thursday in the AM is the best time to visit early intervention classrooms. They have educators, OT/PT, SLPs, and SWs working with kids and parents. Groups no larger than 2-3. May come individually also.

Kindering Center

6120 NE 8th ST
Bellevue, WA 98008

Family-centered  interdisciplinary services for children birth to three years of age.

Monday - Friday in the AM for individual education, Stepping Stones, Toddler preschool, Family Co-Op. Baby Steps program, and CUBS (autism intervention program). Could observe OT/PT or SLP outside the classroom program. Monthly tours called "Walk of Courage" available.

Experimental Education Unit (EEU)

Location: next door to CHDD | map

Comprehensive early childhood center providing inclusive educational services for families and children with and without disabilities from birth through kindergarten.

Monday - Friday in the AM or PM for visits, birth to three or preschool classrooms. Also have autism-specific programs.

Holly Ridge Developmental Center

5112 NW Taylor Road
Bremerton, WA 98312

Family-centered  interdisciplinary services for children birth to three years of age.

All day (Friday) visit due to the location (Bremerton). Accompany Beth Ellen Davis, PhD to the birth to three program to observe his evaluation and classroom activities.

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Other Community-Based Clinical Opportunities
Sites Information

Seattle Children's Hospital

4800 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle WA 98105

Participate in interdisciplinary specialty clinics for evaluation, consultation, and management for children and youth with special health needs and their families.

  • Birth Defects Clinic
  • Craniofacial Clinic
  • Neurodevelopmental Clinic
  • Spasticity Management Clinic

Contact your faculty mentor for more information.

John Rogers Elementary

4030 NE 109th St
Seattle, WA 98125

Community Experience in the Elementary School Setting
A great opportunity to participate in a community site visit!

Goal: To observe the role of educators, PT, OT, and Speech providers in an elementary school setting providing a full inclusion model of special education services. John Rogers Elementary School is part of the Seattle School District. It is located approx 3.5 miles north of the UW. It is an Autism Inclusion Program supporting children with autism in the typical classroom. The experience will take place on 2 separate visits to the school. Ideally, one from 8:45a-11a and another on a separate day from 1:00p-3:15p.

Contact: Amy Carlsen carlsa@uw.edu

For a listing of additional clinical activities, visit:

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric (DBPeds) Website

This listing of clinical and other learning opportunities was developed for UW Pediatric Residents. You may find programs or agencies of interest on this list.

Discuss with faculty mentor how you might access one or more of these programs.

Questions about the DBPeds website?
Contact: Sam Zinner szinner@uw.edu

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