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Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities
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On-Site CHDD Interdisciplinary Clinics

All UW LEND Fellows must participate in one or more interdisciplinary clinic settings. This may include onsite CHDD interdisciplinary programs clinics and/or off-site community based clinical settings.
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On-Site CHDD Interdisciplinary Clinics
Clinic Participatory Opportunities Schedule
Child Development Clinic Interdisciplinary team assessment of children & youth with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Monday &
High Risk Infant Follow-up Clinic Interdisciplinary team assessment of infants and children with history of prematurity, low birth weight, &/or substance exposure in utero. Wednesday
Congenital Hypothyroidism Clinic Interdisciplinary team assessment of infants and children with congenital hypothryroidism. 1st and 3rd Friday

FAS Diagnostic & Prevention Network Clinic

Interdisciplinary team assessment of children, youth, and adults with history of prenatal exposure to alcohol.
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1-Day Observational Training

Phenylketonuria Treatment Program Longitudinal follow-up and mentoring of children and youth with PKU and their families. 3rd Wednesday &
Autism Center Diagnostic clinics,  intervention programs, and research for children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  
Biochemical Genetics Program Interdisciplinary evaluation, consultation and management for metabolic disorders. Thursday
Neurogenetics Program Interdisciplinary evaluation, consultation, and medical genetics counseling to children with rare genetic disorders and their families. Tuesday

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