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Leadership Project

leadership project presentation
All UW LEND Trainees are required to complete a leadership project under the guidance of their faculty mentor or other UW LEND faculty. Examples of leadership projects include:

  • Project that fulfills the trainee’s academic thesis or dissertation requirement
  • Pilot research study
  • Survey research for a needs study or to assess quality of service and/or client satisfaction
  • Product or resource for use in clinical service or training

UW LEND trainees present their leadership project at the Annual Presentation of Trainee Leadership Projects typically held in early June. Preparation of a manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed journal is a final outcome for many leadership projects.

Preparing Your Leadership Project Presentation

2013-14 Leadership Project Presentations

The Eighteenth Annual Presentation of Trainee Leadership Projects
June 2, 2014

Sample Presentations*
Trainee Topic Discipline
Ben Aaronson The Development of an Interdisciplinary Evidence-based Summer Camp Program for Children with ASD Psychology
Catalina R. Angel Challenges for Organizations to Provide Resources for Families of Children with Developmental Disabilities within the Latino and Other Underserved Communities Applied Family Professional Partnerships
Sarah Bailey Restricted Eating Behavior in Children with Phenylketonuria and Hyperphenylalaninemia Nutrition
Jessica L. Berg Megan E. Zurawski
The Relation Between Parental Emotion Coaching and Empathy in Children with Autism Clinical Psychology
Ching-Feng Chang Oral Health in Children with Developmental Disabilities: An Integrative Review Nursing
Joyce Chen A Survey of Meal Patterns and Food Knowledge in Multicultural Families with Children with Developmental Disabilities or Special Health Care Needs Nutrition
Theresa-Ann Clark Developing a Resident Elective on Health Care Transition in Youth with Developmental Disabilities Family Medicine
Sara Elshafei The Effects of Digital Noise Reduction on the Temporal Envelope and Speech Perception Audiology
Regina R. Escano A Meta-Analysis on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Its Effects on Quality of Life of Tinnitus Patients Audiology
Rebecca DeWaay Sleep Quality and Sleep Hygiene in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Psychology
Susan Faja Developing Academic Coursework in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Psychology
Alasia Fate Applications of Eye Movement Testing to a Primate Model of Neonatal Hypoxia-ischemia Audiology
Ariane Gauvreau Inclusive Teachers: How Do First Year Teachers Develop Inclusive Beliefs and Practices? Special Education
Elizabeth Gollhofer Speech Understanding in Noise Among Monolingual and Bilingual Children Audiology
Lynne Hartman Narrative Study of Emotions Associated with Negative Childhood Experiences Reported in the Adult Attachment Interview Psychology
Annie Hoopes Implementation of a health educator in two urban high schools to promote reproductive health and reduce unintended pregnancies Adolescent Medicine
LEAH Fellow
Lin-Ya Hsu Balance Reactions to Varied Sensory Inputs in Children with and without Vestibular Dysfunction Physical Therapy
Debbie Jackson Road Map to Early Intervention Family Professional Partnerships
Margaret Jahn Designing and Implementing a Collaborative Interdisciplinary Developmental Evaluation System for Young Children with Developmental Concerns in a Community-Based Setting Nursing
Sophie Lu Asthma Management in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Nursing
Christen Manangan The Interactive Effects of Parent Stress and Children's Diagnostic Status on Children's Social Outcomes Clinical Psychology
Katie Merrell Using Social Stories to Increase Participation in Hearing Evaluations Speech Language 
Homira Osman Effects of Noise on Auditory Cognitive Skills in Normal Hearing Children: Implications for Children with Hearing Loss Audiology
Tobi Page Feeding Children with Autism:
A Tutorial
Heidi Richards Model for Improvement: Applying the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Cycle to the Creation of an Educational Video Resource for the University of Washington Master of Occupational Therapy Program Occupational Therapy
Lara Sandygren Anti-Bullying Interventions Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders Social Work
Alexandra Tomei A Behavioral Approach to Feeding Applied Behavior Analysis /Education /BCaBA
Valerie Yranela Barriers to Transition for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Adolescents with Disabilities Social Work
*Click on topic headings to view presentations. All presentations are available in PDF format. Not all presentations are available for view.

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