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We welcome you to the LFSA web site and invite you to view our pages to learn more about the University of Washington Latino/a Faculty and Staff Association and its members.  Join us in celebrating our culture, giving voice to the concerns of the Latino/a community on campus, and making a contribution to creating a welcoming learning and work environment at the University of Washington.

Being a Wise Latino/a in America Each of our experiences as a Latino/a differs, whether our roots are in Sonora, Puerto Rico, Argentina, East LA, or elsewhere. What brings us together? What is the nexus that creates any kind of shared identity? How do our commonalities and differences inform and enrich our work? 







  • Rogelio Riojas – First Latino Appointed to the UW Board of Regents

  • Tina Aguilar receives 2013 PSO “Standing Ovation” Award

  • READ THE LA TIMES STORY: Martha accepting the Grammy

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