Latino/a Faculty Staff Association



We are no longer accepting applications!


The Latino Faculty Staff Association Board of Directors is comprised of a dedicated team of UW faculty and staff who work hard to provide a great UW campus experience. Individuals looking for leadership opportunities will have the chance to develop their organizational, communication, and problem solving skills by interacting with students, staff, and faculty, and the general public in a multicultural and leadership driven environment.

Application Components

  • Position application
  • Download and fill out the  LFSA Application
  • Any other documents or additional information you may want to add to your application

Please submit applications to the Tina Aguilar, located at 210A Gerberding Hall or by mail to Box 351242.

Questions? Email Maggie Fonseca:


Read LFSA bylaws and learn more about the 5 positions available

LFSA bylaws and position descriptions


Board Expectations

As an OMA&D LFSA Board member, you must agree to adhere to the following expectations:

1. Be currently UW employee in one of the three UW campuses.

2. Respect diversity, and maintain confidentiality under all circumstances.

3. Respect each other’s experience, ability, and commitment in order to achieve the mutual goals of the Board for the academic year.

4. Attend the Board meetings every third Thursday of the month, and sometimes, additional meetings

5. Be aware of LFSA by-laws.

6. Be committed to the idea of working together as an effective, integrated team.

7. Be accountable as a functioning unit to the Office of the Vice President for Minority Affairs and Diversity. This may mean representing LFSA on special University events, programs or committees as assigned.

8. Advise the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity in matters pertaining to Latino issues on campus.

9. Understand that the Board is not an independent political action group and must remain independent of special interest policies. The Board is expected to remain within the limits of the approved by-laws.

10. Understand that the Board is not an independent special interest group and therefore members must clearly identify themselves apart from LFSA when speaking on issues apart from the LFSA agenda.

11. Adopt an active leadership role and when asked to chair committee assignments, be committed to the time required to complete an assigned project, implementing, planning, problem solving and making decisions.

12. Present issues to be addressed by the Board, remain objective in the face of opposition, and not be intimidated by the majority rule under the democratic process.