Opt-in & Exemption Requests

Programs may request that their residents/fellows be enrolled in relevant eLearning (opt-ins) and/or request an exemption from certain required eLearning modules.

Current exemption and opt-in requests

Click Learning Gateway Exemptions & Opt-Ins  to view your current exemption and opt-in requests.

Which eLearning modules qualify for an exemption? Which are opt-ins?


You Can Request Exemption (E) You Can Opt In (O)
June Rollout
(incoming and continuing residents)
1. WSMA Opioid Module 1. Observation and Inpatient Admission
2. Updating the Home Medication List
October Rollout
(new residents and fellows)
none 1. Language Support
2. LGBTQ Inclusion
3. One Minute Preceptor
4. Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)

How do I opt in for relevant eLearning or request an exemption?

If you would like to opt in for one of our already cover the topic in your own Program’s curriculum, please submit your request using the Learning Gateway Exemption/Opt-In Requests Form (requires UW NetID).

Please submit requests by April 30.

How are exemption requests approved?

  1. Program submits exemption request
  2. GME Office is notified of request
  3. Request is reviewed by GME Office. GME Office will notify program if there are any questions/concerns.
  4. Program is notified when request is approved

Where can I see all training requirements?

Please see all training requirements at our dedicated page for Required eLearning for Residents/Fellows at UW Medicine .