July 16, 2013

Incoming graduate student David Williams-Young joins the lab for summer 2013

The Li group welcomes incoming chemistry graduate student David Williams-Young to the group for the summer quarter. David is a recipient of one of the University of Washington's Early Bird Research Assistantships for Summer 2013, which provides research funding to students looking to get an early jump on their graduate research.

As an undergraduate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania—where he graduated this year with a B.S. in chemistry and a minor in mathematics—David developed a strong background in computational chemistry, taking part in two research projects: one involving the "development of a method to predict the native substrate of structural genomics enzymes utilizing in silico docking and 3D structural alignment" and the other involving the "development of a method to predict relative enzyme efficiencies of a set of similar enzymes through statistical analysis of the theoretical titration curves predicted by THEMATICS". David was recognized at IUP with a Provost Scholar award and an award for the "Best Computational Science Poster".

A self-taught programer, David is excited to apply his skills in electronic structure theory, mathematics, and computer science to the development of new methods involving coupled cluster theory.