Graduate Student

David Lingerfelt

Department of Chemistry
University of Washington
311B Bagley Hall
Seattle, WA 98195-1700
Tel: (206) 616-6232


  • 2010 B.S. Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics University of North Carolina at Asheville

Awards and Honors

  • 2015 UW Clean Energy Institute: Graduate Student Fellowship
  • 2014-2015 UW: Graduate Student Merit Fellowship
  • 2012 UW: Benton Seymour Rabinovitch Endowed Fellowship in Chemistry
  • 2010 UNCA: Distinction as an Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • 2010 UNCA: Distinction in Chemistry
  • 2009 UNCA: Outstanding Performance in Physical Chemistry
  • 2008 UNCA: NASA North Carolina Space Grant


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