March 25, 2014

Two new papers with our collaborators now available online

Ongoing collaborative work with Professors Daniel R. Gamelin and David S. Ginger at the University of Washington have resulted in two new publications: "Direct Measurement of Acceptor Group Localization on Donor–Acceptor Polymers Using Resonant Auger Spectroscopy" and "Ferromagnetic excited-state Mn2+ dimers in Zn1−xMnxSe quantum dots observed by time-resolved magnetophotoluminescence".

In the first publication, Phu Nguyen performed density functional calculations to investigate the electronic structure of the LUMO of PCPDTBT and PCDTBT, two similar donor/acceptor-type polymers. These materials are of interest for application in organic photovoltaic devices.

In the second publication, Joseph May performed density functional calculations on ZnSe nanocrystals doped with Mn2+ ions to elucidated the microscopic orbital exchange interactions that give rise to ferromagnetic coupling within photoexcited Mn2+—Mn2+ dimers.