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The list below only includes upcoming linguistics electives which are offered in other departments. For more information, see "The Elective Requirement" on the Linguistics Major page.

Classes numbered 500 or higher are intended for graduate students, but some instructors for 500-level classes allow undergraduates who have the appropriate preparation to enroll in them. You should check with the instructor before registering for any graduate class.

Summer 2015

GERMAN 498: Studies in the German Language (5)
NEAR E 369: Language and Ethnic Identity in China (5)
PHIL 120: Introduction to Logic (5)
PSYCH 306: Developmental Psychology (5)
PSYCH 355: Cognitive Psychology (5)
SPLING 404: Spanish Dialects (5)
SPHSC 250: Human Communication and its Disorders (5)
SPHSC 261: The Nature of Sound (4)
SPHSC 308: Socio-Cultural Aspects of Communication (3)
SPHSC 525: Speech Signal Processing (3) [Graduate-Level Course - Instructor Permission Required]

ASL Electives
AES 389: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Media (5)
SPHSC 308: Socio-Cultural Aspects of Communication (3)

Spring 2015

AIS 475B: Indigenous Languages in the Present Tense (5)
JAPANESE 443: Topics in Japanese Sociolinguistics (5)
ENGLISH 369: Research Methods in Language and Rhetoric (5)
ENGLISH 372: World Englishes (5)
ENGLISH 478: Language and Social Policy (5)
PHILOSOPHY 120: Introduction to Logic (5)
PHILOSOPHY 471: Advanced Logic (5)
PSYCH 355: Cognitive Psychology (5)
PSYCH 402: Infant Behavior and Development (3)
PSYCH 460: Cognitive Neuroscience (4)
SCAND 342: Typological and Historical Perspectives on Finnish Language (5)
SLAV 351: History of the Slavic Languages (5)
SLAV 551: Introduction to the Study of Slavic Languages (5) [Graduate Course - Instructor Permission Required]
SLAV 570: Special Topics in Slavic Linguistics (3-5) [Graduate Course - Instructor Permission Required]
SPHSC 304: Developmental Aspects of Communication (5)
SPHSC 320: Anatomy and Physiology of Speech (5)
SPHSC 461: Introduction to Hearing Science (5)
EDC&I 453: Teaching the Bilingual-Bicultural Student (3)

LING 480C: What's in a Language Name? The Case of Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, and Serbian (5) - Cross-listed with SLAV 370 - Contact lingadv@uw.edu to register for this course.

ASL Electives
ANTH 432: Sociolinguistics (5)

For electives taught in the Linguistics department, see the Time Schedule.