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Jurgen Klausenburger
PhD. 1969, University of Michigan
Selected Publications
2001. Course book in Romance linguistics. Lincom, Munich.

2000. Grammaticalization. Studies in Latin and Romance morphosyntax. Benjamins, Amsterdam.

1994. ''How abstract was/is French phonology? A twenty-five year retrospective.'' French generative phonology: Retorspective and perspectives, ed. by Ch. Lyche. Salford: ESRI, pp. 151-65

1992. ''Explaining French morphology 'naturally'.'' Romance Philology 45:410-22.

1986. ''Two aspects of morphological naturalness.'' Canadian Journal of Linguistics 31:327-42.

1984. French liaison and linguistic theory. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner.

1984. ''The morphology of the velar insert in Romance verbs.'' Romanitas: Studies in Romance linguistics, ed. by E. Pulgram. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan, pp. 132-51.

1979. Morphologization: Studies in Latin and Romancd morphophonology. Tübingen: Max Niemeyer.

1978. ''French linking phenomena: A natural generative analysis.'' Language 54:21-40.

1976. ''(De)-morphologization in Latin.'' Lingua 40:305-20.

1975. ''Latin vocalic quantity to quality: A pseudo-problem?'' Diachronic studies in Romance linguistics, ed. by D. Wanner and M. Saltarelli. The Hague: Mouton, pp. 107-17.

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