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Karen Zagona
PhD. 1982, University of Washington
Research Interests
The syntax of tense and aspect, syntax of verb phrases, and Spanish syntax.
Most significant recent contributions
1986. Generative Studies in Spanish Syntax. Ed. by I. Bordelois, H. Contreras, and K. Zagona. Foris Publications, Dordrecht.

1988. Verb Phrase Syntax: a Parametric Study of Spanish and English. In the Series: Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. D. Reidel Publishing Co., Dordrecht (Kluwer Academic Publishing.)

1996. Grammatical Theory and Romance Languages. Ed. by K. Zagona. In the series: Current Issues in Linguistic Theory. Vol. 133. John Benjamins, Amsterdam.

2001. Features and Interfaces in Spanish and French: Essays in Honor of Heles Contreras. Ed. by J. Herschensohn, E. Mallen, and K. Zagona. In the series: Current Issues in Linguistic Theory. John Benjamins, Amsterdam.

2002. Spanish Syntax. Ed. by J. Herschensohn, E. Mallen, and K. Zagona. In the series: Cambridge Syntax Guides. Cambridge University Press.

Recent Articles:
1995. 'Temporal argument structure: Configurational elements of construal' in Temporal Reference, Aspect and Actionality, Vol. 1: Semantic and Syntactic perspectives. Ed. by P. M. Bertinetto et al. Torino: Rosenberg & Sellier.

1996. 'Compositionality of Aspect: Evidence from Spanish Aspectual Se' in: Aspects of Romance Linguistics: Selected Papers from the Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages XXIV. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press. pp.475-488.

1999. 'Voice and Aspect' in Grammatical Analyses of Basque and Romance Linguistics. Ed. by Jon Franco, Alazne Landa, and Juan Martín.Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins. pp. 279-293.

1999. 'Structural Case and Tense Construal' in Formal Perspectives on Romance Linguistics. Ed. by J-Marc Authier, Barbara Bullock and Lisa Reed.Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins. In the series: Current Issues in Linguistic Theory. pp. 305-327.

2002. (forthcoming) 'Tenses and Anaphora: Is there a tense-specific theory of coreference?' in: Anaphora: An Overview. Ed. by Andrew Barss. Oxford, UK and Cambridge, MA: Blackwell Publishers.

In Press. 'Tense Construal in Complement Clauses: Verbs of Communication and the Double Access Reading' in the Proceeding of the Paris Roundtable on the Syntax of Tense and Aspect. Ed. by J. Guéron and J. LeCarme.

To Appear. '"Measuring out" Complement Clause Tenses" Probus.

In Progress. 'The Spatio-Temporal Path and Aspectual Composition' Proceedings of the Iowa Conference on Aspect. Ed. by Paula Kempchinsky and Roumyana Slabakova.

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