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Romance Linguistics Graduate Degree Requirements
Master of Arts

The University requires that for an M.A., the student must have a minimum of 36 credits, 27 of which must be course credits. At least 18 of the total 36 credits must be for work numbered 500 or above, and at least 9 of these 18 must be course credits. No student may register for more than 10 credits of Linguistics 700 (M.A. thesis credit) per quarter. For other University requirements, please consult the General Catalog.

Departmental requirements are as follows:
  1. Entrance requirement of substantial upper division coursework in a Romance language or equivalent.
  2. 3 courses in syntax and phonetics/phonology
  3. ROLING 402 highly recommended
  4. LATIN 300
  5. 6 more linguistics-related courses at the 400 or 500 level: At least two of these must be 500-level classes for which papers or projects are required. These papers must treat a topic in Romance linguistics. LING 504-5-6-7-8-9 do not qualify for this requirement. (Also, note the University requirement for 9 course credits at the 500-600 level).
  6. An M.A. exam in any areas in which the grade point average (for the required course work in that area) is below 3.3.
  7. A short M.A. thesis on a topic in a Romance language (from about 30 to no more than 50 pages), which will typically be an expansion of a term paper. Students must register for 9 credits (total) of Ling 700 (M.A. Thesis).
Note: No course taken to fulfill course requirements can be taken for the 2-credit (no paper) option.

For students entering the M.A. program with a B.A. in linguistics:
The requirements will normally be the same as those for any other M.A. students. However, since they will typically be able to start at the higher-level courses, they will have the ability to take more advanced courses earlier (and thus have the opportunity to improve their breadth and/or get through the program more rapidly).

Doctor of Philosophy

Students with an M.A. in Romance linguistics are encouraged to apply directly to the doctoral program. The M.A. is a minimum requirement for admission to the Ph.D. program. For those holding an MA in Linguistics or a closely related field with overlapping coursework, admission to the Ph.D. program may be granted unconditionally or with the stipulation that one or more M.A.-level deficiencies be made up.

Admission of students receiving an M.A. from our department to our Ph.D. program is not automatic. Students who have completed their M.A. must see the Graduate Program Coordinator and submit a letter requesting admission to the Ph.D. program. The letter should contain the name of the faculty member who has agreed to chair the Ph.D. Supervisory Committee. The faculty will then consider the student for the Ph.D. program.

Requirements for the Ph.D. are an M.A. degree plus the following:
  1. 35 additional credits of linguistics-related coursework. (These courses do not necessarily have to be offered within the Linguistics Department). At least 18 credits of coursework at the 500 level and above must be completed before the General Exam, 9 of which must follow the M.A. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 is required for graduate coursework. One year (3 quarters) of full time registration is required by the Graduate School.
    1. No course fulfilling any of the above requirements can be taken for the 2-credit (no paper) option
    2. 27 credits of Linguistics 800 (doctoral dissertation)
  2. During the course of the entire M.A.-Ph.D. program, the student must have completed at least 3 courses each in syntax and phonetics/phonology and have taken a total of 5 500-level classes for which papers or projects are required (LING 504-5-6-7-8-9 do not qualify for this requirement). The papers must treat a topic in a Romance language.
  3. Language requirement, as follows:
    1. The completion of LATIN 301
    2. The demonstrated ability to read the linguistic literature in a second Romance language
  4. Two linguistics papers on a Romance language delivered at a colloquium or conference.
  5. After admission to the Ph.D. program, the student will constitute a Ph.D. committee, in accord with Graduate School requirements. The student's Ph.D. committee will administer a General Examination, which involves two parts.
    1. Two generals papers in different areas. At least one of the papers must be in some area of grammatical theory and one must be in the project dissertation area. (One of the two papers, of course, can fulfill both the grammatical theory and the dissertation area (requirements). At least one of the student's Ph.D. committee members must have expertise in each of the chosen areas.
    2. An oral examination in which the candidate is questioned on the two papers. The oral examination may not be scheduled until the committee has read the two papers and approved them as passing.
  6. Within six months of the oral examination, the student will present a formal dissertation proposal on a problem in a Romance language to the subset of Ph.D. committee members who constitute the Reading Committee along with a proposed calendar for completion of the dissertation.
  7. A Final Exam on the dissertation attended by the candidate's Supervisory Committee and open to others interested.
  8. A dissertation suitable for publication.
  9. All degree requirements except for the dissertation and the two colloquia or conference papers must be completed before the Final Exam. A minimum of two academic years of resident study must be completed prior to scheduling the General Exam. Finally, the Graduate School requires that, among other things, the recipient of a Ph.D. must register for at least three years, one of which must be full time. The full time year may occur before entering the Ph.D. program.
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