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Faculty Members
Emails are listed after faculty titles; please add @u.washington.edu after screen name.

Edith Aldridge Edith Aldridge
Associate Professor -
PhD. 2004, Cornell University
syntactic theory, historical syntax, Austronesian and East Asian languages
Emily M. Bender Emily M. Bender
Associate Professor -
PhD. 2001, Stanford University
computational linguistics, syntax, sociolinguistics
Barbara Citko Barbara Citko
Associate Professor -
PhD. 2000, SUNY Stony Brook
syntactic theory, syntax/semantics interface, Slavic linguistics
Heles Contreras Heles Contreras
Professor Emeritus -
PhD. 1961, Indiana University
syntactic theory and the structure of Spanish
Betsy Evans Betsy Evans
Associate Professor -
PhD. 2001, Michigan State University
Scott Farrar Scott O. Farrar
Affiliate Prof. -
PhD. 2003, University of Arizona
computational linguistics, language documentation, semantics ontology
Lance Forshay Lance Forshay
ASL Lecturer & Coord. -
MS 1998, Southern Christian University
ASL, deaf culture studies, sign language etymology
Sharon Hargus Sharon Hargus
Professor -
PhD. 1985, University of California at Los Angeles
phonology, morphology, Athabaskan languages, lexicography, phonetics
Julia Herschensohn Julia Herschensohn
Prof. & Dept. Chair -
PhD. 1976, University of Washington
romance linguistics, French syntax, second language acquisition
Ellen Kaisse Ellen Kaisse
Professor -
PhD. 1977, Harvard University
phonology, historical linguistics, ancient and modern Greek/Spanish, phonology-syntax interface
Jurgen Klausenburger Jurgen Klausenburger
Professor Emeritus -
PhD. 1969, University of Michigan
romance linguistics
Gina-Anne Levow
Assistant Professor -
PhD. 1998, MIT
discourse and dialogue, prosody in spoken language understanding
Laura McGarrity Laura McGarrity
Lecturer -
PhD. 2003, Indiana University, Bloomington
phonology, prosody, optimality theory, opacity, first language acquisition, phonological disorders
Prof. Newmeyer Frederick Newmeyer
Professor Emeritus -
PhD. 1969, University of Illinois
theoretical and English syntax, history of linguistics
Toshiyuki Ogihara Toshiyuki Ogihara
Associate Professor -
PhD. 1989, University of Texas at Austin
formal semantics, syntax-semantics interface, structure of Japanese
Clarissa Surek-Clark Clarissa Surek-Clark
Lecturer -
MA, 1998, University of Pennsylvania
sociolinguistics, pidgins and creoles, Portuguese and isiZulu, translation and interpreting
Marina Tarlinskaya Marina Tarlinskaya
Research Prof. Emerita -
PhD. 1976, Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages
theory of translation, theory of versification, second language acquisition, semantics
Alicia Beckford Wassink Alicia Beckford Wassink
Associate Professor -
PhD. 1999, University of Michigan
(Howard and Frances Nostrand Professor of Linguistics) sociolinguistics, phonetics, creoles
Kristi Winter Kristi Winter
Lecturer -
MA. 2008, Gallaudet University
1st & 2nd language acquisition of ASL, ASL Phonology, SL Morphology, Sociolinguistics
Richard Wright Richard Wright
Professor -
PhD. 1996, University of California at Los Angeles
phonetics, phonetics-phonology interface, Austronesian and African languages
Fei Xia Fei Xia
Associate Professor -
PhD. 2001, University of Pennsylvania
computational linguistics, Chinese syntax
Karen Zagona Karen Zagona
Professor -
PhD. 1982, University of Washington
syntactic theory, tense and aspect, Spanish syntax

Adjunct Faculty Members
An Adjunct member in the Department of Linguistics is a person who holds a primary appointment in another department of the University.
This appointment is intended to recognize the contributions to and mutual scholarship with the Department of Linguistics by such faculty members (e.g. serving on graduate committees, teaching cross-listed courses, collaborating on research).
Augerot, James E. PhD. 1968, University of Washington - Slavic linguistics, Romanian, Bulgarian
Barrack, Charles M. PhD. 1969, University of Washington - Germanic linguistics
Dziwirek, Katarzyna A. PhD. 1991, University of California (San Diego) - linguistics, syntax, and typology
Etzioni, Oren PhD. 1990, Carnegie Mellon University - Artificial intelligence and information retrieval, natural language interfaces
Kuhl, Patricia K. PhD. 1973, University of Minnesota - Speech perception
Ladner, Richard PhD. 1971, University of California (Berkeley) - Computational linguistics, American Sign Language
Ostendorf, Mari PhD. 1985, Stanford University - speech synthesis & understanding, spoken doc. retrieval, stat. pattern recognition
Osterhout, Lee E. PhD. 1990, Tufts University - psycholinguistics, cognitive psychophysiology
Shapiro, Michael C. PhD. 1973, University of Chicago - Indo-Aryan languages and linguistics
Silberstein, Sandra V. PhD. 1982, University of Michigan - TESL, critical theory, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, language and culture
Stygall, Gail PhD. 1989, Indiana University, Bloomington - forensic linguistics, law and language, discourse
Yue-Hashimoto, Anne O. PhD. 1966, Ohio State University - Chinese linguistics, grammar, dialectology, historical reconstruction

Associate Professors
Bilaniuk, Laada M. PhD. 1998, University of Michigan - Language politics & ideology, ethnicity, nationalism, gender, Ukraine, former USSR
Bilmes, Jeffrey A. PhD. 1999, University of California (Berkeley) - speech & pattern recognition, learning, audio processing
Elkhafaifi, Hussein PhD. 1985, University of Utah - applied linguistics, second language acquisition, Arabic linguistics
Handel, Zev PhD. 1998, University of California (Berkeley) - Chinese historical phonology, Sino-Tibetan linguistics
Kirchhoff, Katrin PhD. 1999, University of Bielefeld - natural language proc., machine translation & learning, human-computer interfaces
Ohta, Amy PhD. 1993, University of California (Los Angeles) - applied linguistics, 2LA, discourse analysis, Japanese
Thurlow, Crispin PhD. 2001, Cardiff University - critical discourse studies, social semiotics, new media language

Assistant Professors
Fernandez-Dobao, Ana PhD. 2005, University of Santiago de Compostela - applied linguistics, second language acquisition, Spanish
Moore, Collette PhD. 2004, University of Michigan - diachronic English linguistics, sociolinguistics

Affiliate Faculty Members
Assistant Professors
Aoki, Paul PhD. 1967, University of Washington - Technology & Media with Language Learning & Pedagogy, Compu. Ling.
Hoard, Jim PhD. 1967, University of Washington - compu. linguistics, semantics, phonology, and Northwest Amerindian languages.
Lewis, William PhD. 2002, University of Arizona - computational linguistics, computer-assisted linguistics
Tjalve, Michael PhD. 2007, University College London - Speech Technology, Accent variation
Toutanova, Kristina Phd. 2005, Stanford University - machine translation, morphological analysis, and part-of-speech tagging

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