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Master of Arts Degrees Recently Granted

StudentThesis Title
Summer 2013 - Spring 2014
Robinson, William S.Counterfactuals in Context: Felicity conditions for counterfactual conditionals containing proper names/td>
Summer 2012 - Spring 2013
Puthuval, Sarala Loanwords, prominence and the basis for Mongolian vowel harmony
Gracheva, Varvara ViktorovnaMarkers of contrast in Russian: A corpus-based study
Crowgey, JoshuaThe Syntactic Exponence of Sentential Negation: a model for the LinGO Grammar Matrix
Kyoko SanoRhetorical Counterfactuals
Russell L. Tanenbaum Rethinking the syntactic constraints on Fuzhou tone sandhi: a Distributed Morphology-based approach
Summer 2011 - Spring 2012
Rachel Elizabeth SchirraAttitudes Toward Korean-Accented and Korean American English
Liyi ZhuRetroflex and Non/retroflex Merger in Shanghai Accented Mandarin
Yin LiTwo Kinds of Mandarin Applicatives and Their Passivization Pattern
Summer 2010 - Spring 2011
Hyun Jung AhnCase spell-out rule in Korean
Jamie AndrusA sociophonetic investigation of creaky voice in Pacific Northwest English
Eric BellEvent Detection and Classification by Sense Disambiguation
Maria BurgessAre There Negative Attitudes Towards Heritage Speakers in a University Spanish Department?
Alex Cheng
Nicholas FlaccoUsing Semantic Information to Improve Protein Interaction Detection
Gallagher FlinnHunting Russian Pseudogaps
Valerie FreemanUsing acoustic measures of hyperarticulation to quantify novelty and evaluation in a corpus of political talk shows
Joshua HouAutomatic Tone-System Acquisition for Language Documentation in the Field
Russell HugoIndigenous Language Education in Washington State: Facts, attitudes and vitality
John Keesling
Liam McGrathSemantic Features for Semantic Role Labeling
Miles Pederson
Imre Solti
Luis TobarA Contact-based Study of Voseo and Attitudes Toward Voseo in the United States
Matthew Todd
Summer 2009 - Spring 2010
Eduardo Alvarez-Godinez
Thomas Amundsen
Ashley K. Gill
Justin Mitchell GoodenkaufTopic and Focus Effects in Tough Constructions
Michael W. GoodmanEfficiently Evaluating and Extracting Errors from Deep Grammars
Mami Hackl
Scott Russell HalgrimA Pipeline Machine Learning Approach to Biomedical Information Extraction
Stephen C. Hollister
Wendy Kempsell JacintoSpanish-English Code Mixing in the Pacific Northwest
Elias L. Jalaluddin
Jeffrey M. Kahn
Erik S. Larsson
Eric A. Mead
Meghan A. Oxley(ay) Monophthongization in Deer Park, Texas
Jeffrey M. RidenourThe Mandative Subjunctive in American English: A sociolinguistic corpus study of morphosyntactic variation and style
Safiyyah I. SaleemArgument Optionality: A new library for the grammar matrix customization system
Jeffry A. Scott
Alexander Sergeyevich Shchetnikov
Michelle C. Stephen
Robert G. Thilo
Jonathan N. WashingtonSonority-based affix unfaithfulness in Turkic languages
Chak Lam YipThe Chinese DP
Summer 2008 - Spring 2009
Sarah R. ChurngSyntax and Prosody in American Sign Language: the Nonmanual Prosodic Consequences of Multiple Wh-Questions
Yulia Galperina-RaduSplit DP Constructions in Russian
Ryan A. GeorgiGrammar Induction With Prototypes Derived from Interlinear Text
Noah Lebrun GirgisA Comparison of Egyptian Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic Sociolinguistic Variables through Formality Effects
Dawei Hou
Kristi R. KreinIntonational licensing of French WH in-situ questions: An Agree-based approach
Mayo Kudo
David B. Landan
Nolan Winfield Durup Lawson
Amanda Sinclaire Garrett Lindsey
Dan McCloyThe Semantics of Implicitly Relational Predicates
Margaret A. Mitchell
Kelly O'HaraA Morphotactic Infrastructure for a Grammar Customization System
Casey B. RichFrom Pitch Accent to Lexical Stress: Examining the Word-Prosodic Systems of the Indo-Aryan and Hellenic Daughter Languages of Proto-Indo-European
Summer 2007 - Spring 2008
Basse, GalenA Phase-based Approach to Factivity
Baumer, DonaldOn nP: Evidence for a DP-Internal Phase Head
Blum, AvramThe Acquisition of Spanish Copular Verbs "Ser" and "Estar" by L1 English Learners of L2 Spanish
Gulas, DerekA Phonetic and Phonological Critique of Theories on Qualitative Ablaut in Proto Indo-European
Karres, George
Sickles, Kathleen
Sakata, Yohei
Srivastava, Ankit
Sternberg, Nate
Tepper, MichaelKnowledge-Lite Induction of Underlying Morphology: A Hybrid Approach to Learning Morphemes Using Context-Sensitive Rewrite Rules
Montero, DavidThe Perception of the Acoustic Correlates of Stress: A Cross-linguistic Study on English, French, and Spanish
Summer 2006 - Spring 2007
Barrett, BenjaminMakah Attitudinal Study
Bertram, AlbertAn Application of a Connectionist Cognitive Model to Word Sense Disambiguation
Bullock, DavidTreeTran: A Tool for Visual Selection and Testing of Transfer Rules for Machine Translation
Clare, JonathanThe Acquisition of the French Plus-que-parfait: Do Americans Get it?
Goss-Grubbs, DavidAn Approach to Tense and Aspect in Minimal Recursion Semantics
McNeill, WilliamSegmentation and Feature Selection for Conversational Speech Syntactic Language Models
Poulson, LaurieEvaluating a Cross-linguistic Grammar Model: Methodology and Test-suite Resource Development
Ruopp, AchimFinding and Evaluating Structured Bilingual Corpora on the Web
Scanlon, MichaelA Social Network Study of a Seattle Neighborhood
Tinnemore, AnnaChallenges to Automatic Speech Recognition: An Analysis of Adolescent Collaborative Group Meetings
Summer 2005 - Spring 2006
Emery, NancyIconicity Embodied and the Scope of Language: Classifier Constructions in Signed Languages
Kahn, Jeremy GillmorMoving Beyond the Lexical Layer in Parsing Conversational Speech
Walsh, AnnemarieTo raise or not to raise: Variability in the Acquisition of French Verb Movement by Intermediate, Advanced and Near-native Anglophones
Summer 2004 - Spring 2005
Darnell, DavidTowards a Probabilistic Account of the Future Implicature of Yet
Drellishak, ScottA Survey of Coordination Strategies in the World's Languages
Galvin, LisaDubliners in Seattle: A Sociophonetic analysis of Irish-English in the U.S.
Kwon, JinyeounEffects of oral-nasal Consonantal Contexts on perception of English Vowel Contrasts by Korean Listeners
Preston, LaurelAn Exploration of Two Factors Affecting the Temporal Interpretation of Nouns
Stevens, Jeffrey P.A feature-driven account of the empty object typology
Stone-Garcia, Miriam

Hemispheric Lateralization for Linguistic Intonation: A Dichotic Listening Study

Tanner, DarrenThe Second Language Acquisition of German and the Verb Second Parameter:A Generative Account of the Thematic/Nonthematic Verb Distinction In Verb Raising to COMP0
Yribar, ScottThe Mental Representation of High Vocoids in Spanish: An Exemplar-based Analysis
Summer 2003 - Spring 2004
Blanchard, DuaneToward a hierarchical and unified tagset
Cho, HaewonIntonation transfer in second language acquisition: An analysis of English intonation by Korean speakers
DiPrima, RichardA generative syntactic approach to word order variation in Russian
Dormer, AnyaOn prefixation and goal of motion construction in Russian
Giesler, JessicaA conflicting-cue study examining the relative strengths of consonant transition cues as affected by vowel, noise and position
Kilanski, KelleyCzech clitics: A syntactic analysis of the clitic cluster and the second position
Olson, DarikLone nouns in Spanish / English mixed discourse: code switches or borrowings?, a variationist analysis
Ring, JessicaAn historical and sociolinguistic analysis of the quotative verb be+like
Toronto, BenjaminImprovement of word-based models for text compression
Tur, SylwiaPerception of a non-native language contrast: voiced and voiceless stops as perceived by Tamil speakers

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