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Master of Arts Degrees Recently Granted

StudentThesis Title (when applicable)
Summer 2013 - Spring 2014
Gilmer, John T.
Gress, Lisa M.
Hermsen, Chase A.
Johnson, Joshua P.
Lingren, Todd G.
Nichols, Kathryn Sydney
Galloway, Megan
Gentile, Anthony
Lin, David T.
Schneider, Megan S.
Watanabe, Shannon Elizabeth
Summer 2012 - Spring 2013
Labarre, Thibaut
Lushtak, Sergei A.
Pham, Edward Huy Nam
Komjathy, Robert S.
Lun, Ka Yee
Bodding-Long, Tristan Adrian
Holt, Elliot L.
Mills, Chad W.
Pozen, Zinaida A.
David James Cronkite
Scott Trevor Mantei
Emily T. Silgard
Ryan N. Smith
David Henry Witting
Summer 2011 - Spring 2012
Caleb John Barr
Francesca GolaAn analysis of translation divergence patterns using PanLex translation pairs
Gregory N. Hullender
Christa M. Mabee
Glenn C. SlaydenArray TFS storage for unification grammars
Raghavan Srinivasan
Abdullah Sulaiman Alotayq
Ciaran T. Dougherty
Matthew R. Hohensee
Justin D. Kauhl
Prescott KlassenCalculating LLR Topic Signatures with Dependency Relations for Automatic Text Summarization
Stella M. PodgornikAutomatic Detection Of Language Levels in L2 English Learners
Sumithra Bhakthavatsalam
Nathaniel R. Byington
Ryan N. Cross
Charles G. Curtis III
Andrew T. Freeman
Nathan J. Imse
Joshua F. Lutes
Kelly Peterson
Spencer T. RarrickMachine Translation Detection and Automatic Filtering of Web-Extracted Parallel Corpora
Jason L. ShawLearning for Resource-Poor Languages: Building a Language-Independent Model for Frame-Semantic Annotation
Jeffrey J. Shu
Dong Wang
Anthony M. WongInterface Between the Cluster Controller and the Pixel Processor of the Proteus System

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