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Recipient(s) Grant Title Current/Past
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Emily Bender Grammar Matrix Current
Scott Farrar & Fei Xia Implementing the Gold Current
Sharon Hargus Athabaskan Grammar Current
Sharon Hargus DX Lex 2002-2004
Alicia Wassink Pacific NW English Current
Fei Xia Riples Current
Fei Xia Hindi Treebank Current
Fei Xia Russian Tree Bank Past

Royalty Research Fund
Barbara Citko RRF Scholar Current
Alicia Wassink Vowel Overlap Indication Software 2003-2004
Richard Wright Phoible Current
Fei Xia IGT Current

Private Sources
Richard Wright Aleut Past
Richard Wright Tobi Labeling (IBM) Current

Misc Sources
Sharon Hargus Sahaptin Word Order Past
Sharon Hargus Yakima Sahaptin Lex 2001-2002
Richard Wright Variation Corpus 2003-2004

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