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Recently Completed Undergraduate Honors Theses

StudentHonors Thesis TitleAdviser
Autumn 2013 - Summer 2014
Amy BuschMultilingual Influence and Style Shift in the Speech of Rachel JeantelAlicia Beckford Wassink
Benjamin PetersBuilding a Precision Grammar of MeitheiEmily Bender
Samantha SanchesSocial Connectedness of Japanese-Americans in the Pacific Northwest: A Sociolinguistic CaseAlicia Beckford Wassink
Steph SwansonSwedish -s passives and Object Shift: Reference in the syntaxKaren Zagona
Autumn 2012 - Summer 2013
Alison ZerbeP'ur├ępecha Fortis v. Lenis ConsonantsSharon Hargus
Autumn 2011 - Summer 2012
Charles CooperA Study on Min RimesZev Handel
Autumn 2010 - Summer 2011
Ahmad ElshenawyStrategies in Determining Antecedence for the Japanese Reflexive 'jibun'Julia Herschensohn
Christopher SunditaThe Development of Tagalog 'um'Edith Aldridge
Melanie FishVoice Onset Time of Initial Stop Consonants: A Comparative Study of Infant-Directed vs. Adult-Directed Speech of English MonolingualsAdrian Garcia-Sierra
Stephanie HenningInvestigating Knowlege of Formualic Language in a Balanced BilingualJulia Herschensohn
Autumn 2008 - Summer 2009
Michael McAuliffeThe Suffix Pattern Hypothesis: Origins of Stress-Affecting and Stress-Neutral Affixation in EnglishEllen Kaisse
Marina OganyanQuantifying the Benefits of Infant Directed SpeechRichard Wright
Lisa WilcoxThe Acquisition of Grammatical Gender in Nonnative Norwegian: Failed Functional Features v. Full Transfer/Full AccessJulia Herschensohn
Hillary WillisManifestations of Cultural Interactions: The Current and Historical Significance of Lexical Borrowing in the Spanish LanguageKatarzyna Dziwirek
Autumn 2007 - Summer 2008
Joshua HouCreating a Precision Grammar of Lillooet/St'at'imcetsEmily Bender
Autumn 2006 - Summer 2007
Bradley LarsonIn- or Ex-situ?: A diagnosis of Right-Node RaisingBarbara Citko
Carina BaumanFactors in the Variable Production of Past Tense by Chinese Learners of EnglishJulia Herschensohn
Autumn 2005 - Summer 2006
Nolan LawsonLanguage Evolution: Piecemeal or Package, Adaptive or Accidental?Frederick Newmeyer
Autumn 2004 - Summer 2005
Alissa HarrisonLanguage Attitudes in Southwestern ChinaYu Liming
Joel ShaverThe Bare Infinitive as a Subjunctive in English and IcelandicPatricia Conroy & Charles Barrack
Autumn 2000 - Summer 2001
John H.G. ScottGerman Particle-Complement Verbs in Modern Morphological and Syntactic Theory: Countering the 'Separable-Prefix' MisnomerSoowon Kim & Joseph Voyles

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