Submission guidelines

We strongly recommend that you use the sample document as a template for submitting your papers: Sample Document.

You must either copy and paste your original paper into the document or simply type your paper into the document preserving the original formatting. If you choose to copy and paste from your existing document, please do so paragraph by paragraph (excluding the paragraph mark). To view the formatting marks, including the paragraph symbol, click ¶ on the toolbar.

You can also follow the guidelines below:






Sections and paragraphs

Page breaks

Page numbers




Final submission: Please email the following TWO documents as attachments:
  1. Your document in Word using the Sample Document (ex. submission_JohnDoe.doc)
  2. Your document in PDF format

If you have IPA characters in your document, you must use one of the SIL fonts, which can be downloaded here. We prefer the SIL Encore IPA93 Fonts.

If you are unsure of how to use captions and the heading formatting in the submission document, please see the following tutorial.

For any remaining questions about formatting or submitting, please email us at

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