We are the signature leadership development program for University of Washington Bothell in non-degree undergraduate leadership development. We transform lives, personally and professionally, to elevate the leadership trajectories of students.

Leadership Lab

BOLD Labs take you onsite to a variety of business and organization headquarters to meet directly with CEO and top executives. You will learn how they do business, lead others, and lead themselves.

Leadership Lessons

Renowned leaders who have achieved great success provide wise and thought-provoking perspectives on leadership, business, and key issues in today’s business world.

Leadership Voice

Multiple CEOs with a passion for leadership and business meet directly with students in small group settings to provide insight, coaching, and support in developing undergraduate leadership skills.

What is BOLD?

BOLD is a Signature Program of the School of Business at the University of Washington Bothell and its programs are open to all undergraduates across our campus. BOLD is student-led through a Cabinet comprised of intentionally selected, high-potential students, termed CEO Student Ambassadors, who hold the heart, spirit, dedication, and expertise to deliver servant leadership for others under the guidance of the Assistant Director for the School of Business.


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