CEO Student Ambassadors

 What are CEO Student Ambassadors?

The University of Washington Bothell School of Business Business & Organization Leadership Development Programs are empowered and guided by the engagement and active involvement of a select Cabinet of CEO Student Ambassadors.These dedicated School of Business and UWB undergraduates and recent undergraduate alumni serve on a working committee chartered to guide, plan, develop, and market our programs. The Cabinet meets on a weekly basis. In the spirit of servant leadership, the Cabinent has dedicated over 10,000 hours to date, to the Business & Organization Leadership Development initiative.

Cabinet sub-committees include: Marketing, Business Intelligence, Event Management, Brand Management, Website, Material Production, Communications, Scholarship, and Finance. In addition to their ongoing dedication to providing inspirational and practical Business & Organization Leadership Development programming, the CEO Student Ambassadors’ vision for excellence created the first Business Leadership Club at the University of Washington Bothell.

Engaged CEO Student Ambassadors include freshmen to recent undergraduate alumni and a mix of ELCBUS cohort members and Bothell campus business students with a range of business majors, minors, concentrations, interests, skills and abilities.

Students are invited to participate in the cabinet based on previously demonstrated scholarship and leadership aptitudes in business courses, teams, and groups. The Cabinet leverages student networks in ELCBUS programs and Introduction to Business courses.

Recommendations from School of Business faculty members for future CEO Student Ambassadors are highly valued.


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