Tom Douglas Restaurants: Pamela Hinckley

Pamela Hinckley

CEO of Tom Douglas Restaurants

After graduating with a degree in psychology from Suffolk University in the mid 1970’s, Pamela went right to work in her field in a private psychiatric hospital and became quickly disheartened by psychology in practice. Having been raised with a strong sense of community service, she signed up for a 2 year stint with Vista (now  Americorps). Her task was to create a farmers market and was seductively drawn in to the world of food and beverage. Years in multiple levels of the wine business followed and then on to become VP of Marketing for Redhook Brewery. This was followed by 2 years of marketing consulting. One client was Theo Chocolate , a company she invested in and helped launch for four years. Four years ago Tom Douglas asked Pamela to join his team as CEO, she couldn’t resist.