Alcohol & Other Drugs

If you are curious about your individual alcohol or other drug use, or you would like to learn more about these topics, please see resources below:


Peer Health Educators

Alcohol Education Workshop - Alcohol Use & Reducing Risk

  • Learn statistics about alcohol use amongst college students & the science of how alcohol works in the body
  • Explore skills to help minimize dangerous situations and undesired effects of alcohol consumption
  • Learn tips for intervening in risky situations involving alcohol or other substance
  • Workshop Request Form


Confidential, online self-assessment offering personalized feedback for UW Seattle Students

  • Understand your individual drinking patterns
  • Learn about your individual level of tolerance with alcohol
  • Explore your unique family history and how this might impact your use
  • Develop personalized strategies to help reduce harm
  • Learn about other helpful resources on campus
  • eCheckup Self Assessment¬†

Vaping and Cannabis Use

  • Learn about health effects
  • Possible unintended impacts of use
  • Is it addictive?
  • New research and information
  • Visit: YouCan

Washington Recovery Helpline

  • An anonymous and confidential help line that provides crisis intervention and referral services
  • Operated 24-hours a day by professionally trained volunteers and staff available to provide emotional support and offer local treatment resources for substance abuse
  • Call 1.866.789.1511 to speak to a professionally trained volunteer
  • Online Information:¬†