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Green Dot is a movement, a program, and an action. The aim of Green Dot is to prevent and reduce power-based violence at UW by engaging students as active bystanders who step in, speak up, and interrupt potential acts of violence. The Green Dot movement is about gaining a critical mass of students, staff and faculty who are willing to do their small part to actively and visibly reduce power-based personal violence at UW.

No one  has to do everything, but everyone has to do something.

Green Dot is your individual choice to do something.

Interested? Continue scrolling down to learn about the movement spreading across our campus.

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Be a Green Dot

Green Dot is all about making choices big and small that in the end create a culture less tolerant of violence. Look through the list below to find choices and Green Dots you may be comfortable doing.

  • Make sure a friend who is drunk gets home safely
  • Challenge jokes that minimize violence
  • Call 911 when you see a potentially scary situation
  • Learn warning signs of abusive relationships
  • Refer your friends to resources when they need help
  • Leave a party with the friends you came with
  • Attend a Green Dot overview presentation with your FIG, Residence Hall, Chapter House, or Student Group
  • Follow Green Dot on Facebook and Twitter or email
  • Attend a Green Dot Bystander Training


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 Attend a Bystander Training

The best way to get involved with Green Dot and maximize your impact as an active bystander is to attend our quarterly Green Dot Bystander Training. The training is free, catered, and great for resumes.  At this training you will learn the skills of being an active bystander, examine your own resistance and barriers to taking action, and ultimately gain the ability to intervene early on in situations in a way that feels safe and comfortable for you.

Our next Bystander Training will be held in Fall Quarter 2015! Stay tuned for more information on how to sign up for the upcoming training.

If you are faculty/staff and interested in getting involved, we have two upcoming Faculty Overview Trainings. These trainings will provide opportunities to learn, discuss, interact, and practice skills for being an active bystander. We will also focus specifically on how to be an emotional first aid responder for students in distress.

Trainings will be October 21st, 3-4:30PM, HUB 332 & November 13th, 9:30-11AM, HUB 334.

To sign up, please visit our form.

Email if you have any questions!

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Contact Information

Maya Monroe
Green Dot Program Coordinator

Melissa Tumas, MPH
Health & Wellness Training & Education Coordinator