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An Introduction to Brief Intervention Strategies and Motivational Interviewing / 2 hrs

Increasing attention is being paid to ways to best support students struggling with alcohol use, marijuana or other drug use, mental health issues (including thoughts of suicide), and other student care issues. Many of these issues can escalate throughout college, and early detection and intervention can alter a student’s trajectory to increase the likelihood of student success. Additionally, many of these issues may come up outside of a clinical context through conversations with advisers, faculty, or staff – these conversations provide an opportunity to directly address these topics with students or to open the door for a referral to more specialized services.

Motivational interviewing is a non-judgmental, non-confrontational approach that emphasizes meeting students where they are in terms of their readiness to make a change, and focuses on eliciting personally-relevant reasons to change. While this approach is the key to brief intervention strategies, these skills are not limited to clinical contexts and can be successfully applied to conversations within an academic context and ultimately help us have more effective conversations with students.

In this workshop, we will discuss the theory behind and reasons for a brief intervention approach, will provide training in and practice with specific motivational interviewing strategies, and will consider ways to incorporate these approaches into conversations already taking place with students. Training led by H&W Professional Staff.

Mental Health Training / 1hr 30 min

This workshop explores mental health experiences in college. Participants engage in interactive dialogue about mental health and reducing stigma and barriers. This workshop also addresses suicide prevention and resources and supports for students on campus. Workshop led by H&W Professional Staff.

Supporting Students in the Classroom / 1 hr

This is an interactive discussion that focuses on managing classroom encounters with students who may be struggling or in need of a higher level of support. Discussion will include consultation around relevant examples from faculty and staff challenges they have experienced with students and strategies and supports available for faculty and staff as well as how to get students connected on campus. Discussion led by H&W Professional Staff.

Green Dot Training & Emotional First Aid for Staff and Faculty / 2 hrs / Offered each quarter. This training enhances skills in being an active bystander and campus leader in preventing interpersonal violence at UW.  This discussion focuses on the dynamics of interpersonal violence, barriers to intervening, creative solutions and the importance of staff and faculty involvement in creating a safer campus culture. We will discuss Title IX, the UW referral procedures and how to support students.


Green Dot Training Overview / 1 hr / The Green Dot program aims to reduce and prevent interpersonal violence at UW. This discussion focuses on the importance of being an active bystander and campus leader in changing culture at UW. Program led by Green Dot Staff.