Vocabulary Flashcards

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Languages Currently Available:

Coptic: Main

Egyptian: Main

English: Main

Hebrew (Biblical Lambdin): Main

Hebrew (Modern): Colors - Clothing - 2nd Year

Korean: 1st year - 2nd year - 304

Mongolian: Main

Slovene: Main, First Year

Tibetan: Main


  • Uses a Leitner system, the more times a card is guessed correctly the less often it is presented.
  • Sessions: A cookie is placed on the users computer and all of their information is stored for the next visit. The system remembers how well each user knows each cards.
  • Audio: Audio files may be added to tags. The user may disable this (for reasons such as load time) with the mute button, which does not actually mute the sound, but instead prevents the sound file from loading.
  • Images: Image files may be added to tags (See Modern Hebrew "colors" for an example of this).
  • Multiple Faces: The cards may have as many faces (sides) as one would like, but it is recommended to keep the number consistent in the same deck.
  • Filters & Tags: Each card may be assigned multiple tags. These may be selected via the Filter & Tag dropdown. Alternatively, numerical chapter ranges may be added in the More box using a string like 2-4 (chapters 2,3,4) or simply 2 (only chapter 2).
  • iPhone Compatible: The website auto-redirects the user to the iPhone PHP version of the card set they select.
  • Power Learn: If a user knows a card very well and does not wish to see it for a long while, they may click the Power Learn Card button and it will be put in a high Leitner box.
  • Reset Statistics: A user may click this button if they wish to start from scratch.
  • Skins: (Only in the browser version) Users may change the background skins to one of a few preselected designs.

Applications and Projects

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