Staff Associates

Asian Languages and Literature

Kevin Tahmoresi

  [kɛvIn tɑməɹɑsi]

Kevin in currently a graduate student studying classical Chinese literature. Prior to working as an SA for the LLC, he spent two years as a TA for the Chinese language program and three years working in technology support at Brigham Young University. Aside from his interests in literature Kevin has a strong interest in integrating technology into curriculum and using technology to enhance student learning and outcomes.

English Language Program

Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Linguistics & American Ethnic Studies

Russell Hugo, PhD

  [rəsḷ hʲugo]

Russell worked at the LLC for over seven years functioning as an SA for the Linguistics department. He now is a permanent staff member at LLC but still supports linguistics and many of the same projects. Some of the primary projects include working on this website, and Moodle. Previous work before the LLC focused on graphics, web and publishing software (e.g., InDesign, Photoshop, Flash, HTML, CSS, Quark). He received his PhD from the UW Linguistics Department in 2016. Languages: English, Korean and Latin.

Romance Languages & Germanics

Joel Strom

  [jol strəm]

Slavic, Baltic and Scandinavian studies

Anatoliy Klots

  [ænɑtoli klɑts]

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