Services for Students

Language Learning Audio

The LLC makes audio series required by language classes available to students. We make these series available in a number of ways. Most of our audio series have been placed on the web for listening by UW students. At the audio and video services window, you can purchase complete sets of popular audio series from the sales office.

Many other language tapes are located in the LLC storage archives; these tapes are not available for listening or duplication at this time. If appropriate copyright permission exists, copies are available for purchase by special order. Contact the LLC to order such tapes and arrange payment and delivery. Shipping and handling charges apply for mail orders.

The LLC does not sell or distribute texts to accompany language tapes. Those who purchase or listen to tapes usually already have the printed material or intend to obtain it somewhere else.

Online resources

Click here to use the web to listen to selected audio series and to use other web-based language learning resources.

Computing labs

Come to our Computer Labs (UW students only) to use multilingual internet access, word processing, webcams and headphones, and language learning software.

Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

The LLC provides CALL courseware for integration into language curricula, providing self-paced as well as instructor-led learning activities. The courseware consists of interactive multimedia programs with visuals, sound, text, video, and self- or teacher-evaluation capabilities.

Foreign languge computing

Multilingual word processing, web browsing, and email resources are also available.

LLC Developed Language Applications are available for use online with the link to the left.

Tutoring services bulletin board

The tutoring services bulletin board is for students, tutors, and translators to post language-related notes or advertisements. The board is located on the wall outside the entrance to the LLC.

Video Conferencing

Learn more about our Video Conferencing options for UW students.

Video Lab

Use the video booths to watch videos for specific language classes, as well as to watch SCOLA, the International Channel, Deutsche Welle, and Husky TV.

Schedules: Deutsche Welle | Husky TV

Denny Hall, Room 162 Box 353140 Seattle, WA 98195

Phone: (206) 543-0536