Hieroglyphic E-Convert Application

Transliteration Converter

HECA converts transliterated Egyptian to hieroglyphs in Unicode font. HECA’s dictionary is based on Sir Alan Gardiner’s Egyptian Grammar, 3rd edition. HECA Phase 1 recognizes words from Chapters 1 through 9.
HECA does not translate English to Egyptian. It does provide electronic versions of Egyptian letters and words.

- Text is case-sensitive.
- Use G for Gardiner numbers, e.g., GB1.
- Separate words with space, equals sign (=), or period (.)
- ∞ = ambiguous word. Correct and SUBMIT to clear each ∞. Example: wbn iaH m pt -> Submit    Show More Help
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How to use HECA

Type or paste your Egyptian text:

Use diacritics or substitutes shown, A for ꜣ. You can also use G and the Gardiner number: GB1.

Click submit.

More examples to try:


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To type diacritics:
For: ı͗ š
Type: A i a H x X S q T D


Your Egyptian hieroglyphs appear here

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