Troubleshooting web-based QuickTime resources

Quick Tips:

If you cannot play a media on the LLC Online Language Resource page, please:

1. Try different browsers such as firefox and I.E.
2. Update the Java browser plugin on your computer
3. OR work on a UW computer on campus.

If the above do not solve your problem, please consult the information below.

First, try the SECOND link on page, which is the "Direct HTTP URL to sample file" link (the first may not work):

There might be some help here, but you will have to dig a bit:

1/4/2011 note to iOS users (iPad, iPhone): The LLC's streaming media uses QTSS/RTSP (including port 80). This format is not compatible with the iOS. Long term strategy is to look at HTML5 for streaming media. The LLC recommends using Windows and OS X desktop operating systems for access to our existing materials. The LLC has several drop in labs for student use for those without a computer, or who need computer access while on campus.

If the streaming portion of the test fails, try the following (to see is non-streaming audio works).

To determine if the custom controller used is causing problems, click on the following Play Now button.
The file is only a couple seconds long.

Connection speed

Audio files usually play fine with a 56k modem or faster, so your connection speed likely not going to be a problem. Video files are intended to be viewed on UW wired ethernet networks (the LLC, other wired campus labs, offices, dorms). While videos may play over cable or DSL service, or even wireless in some cases, the LLC cannot promise playback or uninterrupted playback.

In rare cases, a network connection may be so slow or intermittent, that even audio files won't play, or play correctly. Go to a network speed test site such as: , click on the closest city, then take note of your upload and download speeds. You can send this information to the LLC if other measures listed here do not work.

Keep QuickTime updated.

We recommend users maintain the latest version of QuickTime on their system.
  • Vista (XP will be similar): Control Panel > Additional Options. Click Quicktime, which opens QuickTime Preferences. In the Update tab, we recommend checking ''Check for updates automatically'', however if you don't want this option, click the Update button to manually look for and install any needed update.

  • Mac OS X: Updates notification schedules and updating occurs with OS X's System Update > Preferences. You can check for updates manually as well.
If you experience Windows Internet Explorer 7 crashing (or becoming unresponsive, or nothing showing up in the window that opens to display the movie when using Moodle), try an alternate web browser, such as Firefox. Alternative browsers can be found here. Please contact the LLC as well so we can look for a solution within Internet Explorer.

I can't adjust the sound level.

You can adjust the volume of QuickTime audio in two different places. The first place is the volume control on the QuickTime plug-in, which looks like a speaker and is located at the left edge of the QuickTime control bar. The second place is the main volume control for your computer. In Mac OS 9 and before, this control is located in the Sound control panel.
  • In Mac OS X, the system volume control is located on the menu bar at the top right corner of the screen, and looks like a speaker.
  • In Windows 2000/ME/XP, the volume control is located on the right side of the taskbar, and also looks like a speaker.

I can't play my audio file.

Make sure that you have installed QuickTime. If you are using Internet Explorer 5.5 or later for Windows, you must also install the QuickTime ActiveX control. You will be prompted to do this automatically when you load the page for an audio series that uses QuickTime.

If it appears that RealPlayer or Windows Media Player is trying to play the files (i.e., Real or WMP logos appear in the small pop-up window instead of the QuickTime logo), then one of these players has unwisely hijacked the .mov extension. You can either manually reconfigure your browser so the QuickTime plug-in is used to play .mov files, or you can reinstall QuickTime.

I've installed QuickTime and the ActiveX control (if necessary), but the audio file still won't play.

If you are trying to listen to a QuickTime file for the first time after installing the plug-in, make sure that you have restarted your computer.

Instead of the controller bar with the timeline, I only see a faint ''Q'' (QuickTime logo- see picture in reference section following).

Try using FireFox, Mozilla, or Camino if the browser you are using does not work, and do let us know your operating system and browser names, and versions. Thanks for your patience.

Make sure the sound is not muted and the volume is high enough.

Follow the instructions under ''I can't adjust the sound level'' above, and make sure that the checkboxes named ''mute'' are not checked and that the sound control bars are high enough. Try setting the sound level to the maximum possible volume.

Possible wireless network issue when using an ethernet connection.

If you have an ethernet connection, turn off your wireless connection on your computer.

Possible (not very likely) anti-virus problem

We had one report of the anti-virus program Kaspersky causing streaming not to work. If you believe your anti-virus software is causing the problem, contact the LLC.

400 "Bad request" error.

Some networks (beyond the UW's) may intercept all port 80 traffic and forward it to a proxy server, which can block streaming.
  • Windows: Open QuickTime Player, Edit > Preferences > QuickTime Preferences > Advanced > Transport Setup
  • OS X: System Preferences > QuickTime (under "Internet & Network") > Advanced > Transport Setup. -- Choose HTTP; and Port ID: Other: 7070. Click "OK" or "Apply"
Close out the windows and try now.

What if none of the above apply?

If you can't listen to LLC QuickTime audio, and clicking on the "Play Now" button doesn't work, your computer is likely configured incorrectly or something has become corrupted on your computer.

If these steps don't work, call the LLC during open hours and ask for streaming media help, or email us at Be sure to include the web address (url) of the resource and what is happening (or not) on your screen. If possible, also tell us if you are using Windows or Mac OS X, the browser name and version number, and the plug-in name and version number. Our goal is to, whenever feasible, get you up and running quickly.

Additional resources:

QuickTime: Windows troubleshooting tips


QuickTime plug-in not loaded properly:


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