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* 3-5-13: MOODLE is currently down while updating (3-5-13). Thank you for your patience.

Archived Notices

New registration process

Due to abuse of LLC Moodle service by outside intruder(s), the LLC has implemented an additional security procedure to reduce the chance of this occurring again. This procedure is a slight change to the account registration procedure.

New users: people who want to create a new account in LLC Moodle:

Must register with their UW email account (ending in Yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc. will not work.

Existing users: people who already have moodle accounts will not be affected (even if they have registered for the accounts with NON-UW e-mail addresses in previous quarters).

**However, existing users who didn't register with UW e-mail addresses and who forget their password, it is very likely that they have to re-create a new Moodle account wih their UW e-mail. In other words, the ''forget password'' function will not work for those who didn't register with UW e-mail addresses.

***In rare cases, if you have used UW e-mail to register and are experiencing difficulty logging onto your Moodle account, please use the ''forget password'' function and setup a new password.

5/23/2008 Mozilla based web browsers and Microsoft Word problem report

We are investigating a report of an attachment/download issue with Mozilla based browsers and Microsoft Word after the latest service pack. We do not yet have the details of exactly which web browser/s and version/s, nor of which operating system/s, nor which version/s of Microsoft Word might be problematic. We thought it would be better to provide a heads up rather than not post at all, even though we don't yet have the details. The problem would come into play, if it happens at all, when clicking on a Word document link in Moodle.


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