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Web Links

Dictionaries and Language Resources

This site is a great resource that provides translations as well as extensive list of abbreviations and technical terms.

Has a Russian keyboard applet.

Performs instant on-line transliterations.

These materials are intended for native speakers, but advanced students will enjoy the games, dictionaries, and information listed here.

It is an online reference book for Russian grammar with clear explanations of complicated rules.

This dictionary illustrates and translates Russian idioms.

Study advanced Russian through the Russian history. The site offers a review of the Russian history from Kievan Rus to PostSoviet times. Contains reading tasks, glossaries and maps.

Новости недели на упрощенном русском языке - delivers a survey of the previous week's news in simplified, slower Russian with textual redundancy.

Russian News

One of the largest Russian information agencies. Successor to the leading Soviet news agency TASS.(in Russian & English)

English version provides a digest of the publications and news covering Russian political and economic life.

Leading English language daily newspaper.

A Russian news aggregator from the Rambler Media Group.

The site for Komsomolskaya Pravda

The site for TV station NTV, with clips of news broadcasts and their associated transcriptions

Russian History and Culture

This site ffers biographies and synopsis of Russian theorists and philosophers.  

Thsi is a large database containing information about Russian's history, georgraphy and nature, culture and tourism (in English). You can also listen to the Russian national anthem there.

Index of Russian icon collection (with images) by George Mitrevski

Russian Literature

From the Ends to the Beginning: A Bilingual Anthology of Russian Poetry, also contains recordings of some poems

A big collection of recorder Russian poems

Fundamental Digital Library of Russian Literature and Folklore

Russian Music and TV

Offers a list of internet radio stations.

Another list of Russian internet radio stations

On-line store that allows you to listen to CD’s without buying them.

An extensive list of Russian radio stations.

Russian Search Engines

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