Uzbek Soundesigner Files


For Use With RealMedia



*All of the Real Audio Stories are located in the folder "Stories (.ra)".


*They have been processed at 44.1/16 mono.


*After considerable testing and experimentation, the best settings to use on the Real

Video Encoder are: 28.8 mono Voice + 8.5 kbps Voice. Note that I have chosen to

use the RealVideo encoder to process the audio. It produces higher quality audio and

more managable file sizes.



For Use with .aif Format (Dialogs)


*All of the dialogs use .aif audio files that have been embedded into the HTML.


* The folders are split up ("Male"/"Female"/"Mix") because of the availability of the

speakers at the time of recording.


* To convert to .aif format, I have used the developer's version of Quicktime 3.0. The

optimum compresion setting is unarguably IMA 4:1. You will find this setting under

"options" when you export the file as "Sound to .aiff".