UW World Language Proficiency Testing

How does it work?

Step 1: Determine if you're eligible

The UW LLC provides the proficiency assessments for languages not taught at UW for UW students. To take this assessment:
  • You must be a UW Student.
  • The language you wish to test in must not be taught at UW.
  • The assessment should be done in the 1st 2 years of your undergraduate education at UW.
  • The assessment can can be taken twice in a 12 month period.
  • You must read the ACTFL Proficiency guidelines from novice low through intermediate mid.
Take a moment to think about your current language skills in the language that you wish to be tested in (not English). If you can answer ''Yes, I can do this fairly easily'' to each statement, then you will probably be able to satisfy the college exit requirement when you take the language assessments. These assessments are offered only to current UW students for languages not taught at the UW. These assessments should be taken as early as possible after beginning your studies at UW. These assessments cannot be taken more than twice in a twelve month period. Therefore, students need to take these before their senior year.
  • Listening: I can understand main ideas and a few details in sentences, short conversations and some forms of media.
  • Reading: I can understand the main idea and many details in some texts that contain familiar vocabulary.
  • Person to Person Communication: I can begin and carry on an unrehearsed conversation on a limited number of familiar topics. I can ask and answer simple questions and exchange information in highly familiar situations.
  • Spoken production: I can connect basic sentences to provide information on familiar topics. I can relate with some details, information about what I read, hear and see.
  • Writing: I can write about familiar topics and experiences in series of sentences.
Please review the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for a more complete description of each of the proficiency levels.
Note that you will need to be able to understand and produce language at least at the Intermediate Low level for both the oral and writing components in order to satisfy the UW College of Arts and Sciences exit requirements. For practice, you can do these example writing tasks.

Step 2: Take the tests

Different languages use different tests. Find your language, then you'll see which test(s) you need to sign up for.

Select your Language:

Learn more about the tests:

Once you know which tests you need to take, then click the Register Now button below to register for the test(s). Guidelines for completing the registration form:
  • For School/College, type in ''University of Washington.''
  • If your language is not listed on the form, then type it in under Select one language for assessment ''Other.'' (You will be contacted to let you know which tests you'll be taking and how much they will cost.)
  • If you don't see a date at the UW for the test(s) for your language, then just register for ''Date to be determined.''
  • For Competency-Based Credits, select ''No'' because credits only apply to high school students. Leave the School Contact Name and School Contact Address blank. UW students' test results will be sent to the Dean's Office of the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • The UW does not sponsor students or accept cash for testing. For Payment Method, you must select either:
    • Check (made out to WAFLT)
    • PayPal
Note: your tests must be paid for in advance of the testing day or you will not be confirmed for testing.
Register at least two weeks before the scheduled test date.

Step 3: Learn more

Many K-12 school districts in Washington now recognize the value of preparing students to be global citizens with the skills to communicate in English and other world languages. They provide testing opportunities for students to demonstrate their language proficiency in order to earn high school credits for languages they know, regardless of when or how they learned them. High school students need 2 (high school) credits of the same world language for admission to a 4-year college in the state. Many high school students whose languages are not taught in the schools have been able to satisfy both the college admissions and exit requirement through the World Language Credits Program.

Beyond the college admissions requirement of 2 credits, the University of Washington College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Social Work, and the College of Education have a college exit requirement for world languages that can be satisfied by students who have 3 or more (high school) credits of the same world language on their high school transcript. Because some UW students did not have the opportunity to earn competency-based credits in their language before coming to the UW, the UW Language Learning Center is working with the Dean's Office to offer UW students an opportunity to satisfy the College of Arts & Sciences, the School of Social Work, and the College of Education language exit requirement through proficiency testing. At this time, the testing process is available only to languages that are not taught at the UW.

Step 4: Meet the exit requirement

In about four weeks, you will receive a letter and packet with your test results. If your test results qualify you for the equivalent of 3 or more high school credits (overall proficiency level of at least Intermediate Low on the ACTFL Proficiency Scale), then an official copy of your test results will be sent to Kevin Mihata in the Dean's Office in the College of Arts & Sciences. You should contact the Dean's Office to find out how to indicate in your UW transcript that you have satisfied the Arts & Sciences College exit requirement.

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