Students of Danish Say “hej” to Moodle

Students in the Scandinavian Studies Department at the University of Washington are saying “Hej” to Danish with help from Moodle, a modular lesson organization tool their instructors use to do everything from scheduling daily study material to administering tests or assignments and providing feedback.

Thanks to Moodle, provided to language departments across campus by the Language Learning Center, students can access their course material anytime online.  Located in Denny Hall, the Language Learning Center (LLC) provides many services for students of all language backgrounds in addition to providing their classes with the Moodle platform.

Melissa Lucas, Graduate Student and TA instructor of Danish, has unique experience using Moodle because she has used it to teach both evening and daily courses.  “With Moodle,” she says, “I was able to disseminate information to students quickly and easily.”  She says it helped her address the challenge of “providing students with the chance to keep practicing” on days when classes didn’t meet.

As for her classes that meet every day, she says, among other things, “Moodle is great for showing students clips from YouTube that are more ‘real-world.’  Among the many uses for Moodle, one is the ability to post questions about such a clip that students can answer online so the instructor can check students’ comprehension.

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