The LLC Helps Norwegian Students Open up Class Time by Taking Quizzes Online

Instructors of Norwegian are taking testing online with Moodle, freeing up more time in class for review and discussion of cultural topics.  Graduate TA instructor Kyle Korynta explains why he loves administering quizzes in Moodle:

“Moodle quizzes are great because of the variety of types of questions that can be created,” he writes, citing the ability to insert authentic source materials linked directly to the quiz and the flexibility it gives the student to decide just when they will take the quiz.

While students enjoy multiple benefits from the variety of information Moodle can quiz on and the extended classroom time that opens up for further study, it’s not the only thing they’re using Moodle for in the Scandinavian Studies Department.

“Instructors use Moodle to post resource links and homework assignments, collect writing assignments, facilitate online chat sessions,” writes Kyle, noting that it’s also a way for students to access authentic audio or video files for exercises in listening comprehension.

With the help of the LLC, the Scandinavian Studies department is offering students one more great reason to learn Norwegian.

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