Student Profiles


Alexandra Herndon (Alumna)

Alexandra Herndon: Chemistry Major
An alum and native of Federal Way, Alexandra Herndon received the 2010 United Negro College Fund/Merck Science Initiative Award, an honor that includes up to $25,000 in scholarships, as well as the opportunity to take part in two summer research internships.

Laura Barrera-Martinez (Alumna)

Laura Barrera-Martinez: Biophysics Major
Laura earned her Bachelors degree in Biophysics giving her a background in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, and Mathematics. From these experiences, she has learned to transfer knowledge from one area of science to another, and to be a quick learner. Read more...

Laura Mayorga (Alumna)

Laura Mayorga: Astronomy and Physics Major
Laura Mayorga majored in Astronomy and Physics. She focused on the study of extrasolar planets and worked on a process to determine the density of these planets through the possible existence of exomoons. Read more...

Chinonso Opara (Alumnus)

Chinonso Opara: Biochemistry major
Chinonso Opara is an alumni in Biochemistry and had the opportunity to go to Yale for the SMDEP program in the summer of 2011. He has worked in a Bioengineering lab with support from the IMSD program. Read more...

Erica Chavez (Alumna)

Erica Chavez: Biology and Public Health Major
Erica has previously participated in the IMSD Teach Lab internship, doing research in a bioengineering lab at UW. She is from a small town called Pateros, WA. Read more...

Renee Plummer (Alumna)

Renee Plummer: Biology Major
Renee is a UW alum, originally from Auburn, Washington. She enrolled at the UW fall 2008 by receiving financial aid through the Husky Promise Program through scholarships and grants. Read more...

Vicky Herrera (Alumna)

Vicky Herrera: Biochemistry major and Chemistry minor
Vicky is a Biochemistry major with a minor In Chemistry. For almost a year, she has been thrilled every day to be contributing to scientific discovery. She works in the Horacio de la Iglesia Laboratory, which focuses on the pathways, molecular and neural. Read more...

Fredy Cortez

Fredy Cortez: Biochemistry and Psychology major
My name is Fredy E. Cortez and I am a Junior from East Wenatchee, WA. I am double majoring in Biochemistry and Psychology. I have participated in IMSD TeachLab, which allowed me to present in the 2012 UW Summer Research Symposium. Read more...

Francisco Chavez

Francisco Chavez: Chemistry major
Moving from a small city to the UW has been an eventful journey to say the least. I say this with respect to the trials I went through to get here on the path to success. Born and raised in the small eastern Washington town of Pasco, the city is a whole new ballgame for me. Read more...

Dirir Abdullahi (Alumnus)

Dirir Abdullahi : Neurobiology major
As a member of an immigrant family from war torn Somalia, Dirir has witnessed many devastating diseases and the effect they have on individuals. His experiences have motivated him to work towards combating neurodegenerative diseases such as cerebral malaria. Read more...


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Yuriana Garcia (Alumna)

Yuriana Garcia: HCDE Major
Originally from a small town in Eastern Washington called Royal City, oldest out four children. Participated in the UW GenOM program where she was exposed to laboratory research during the summer of 2009-2010. Read more...

Edison Amah (Alumnus)

Edison Amah: Aeronautics and Astronautics Major
Edison Amah is a UW alum who majored in aeronautics and astronautics engineering. His area of research was computational fluid mechanics. He had a research stipend to study a simulation of flow over a cylinder. Read more...

Evangeline Drink (Alumna)

Evangeline Drink: Chemical Engineering Major
Evangeline is a UW alum who majored in Chemical Engineering. She decided to major in Chemical Engineering because of her love of Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. Read more...

Lushon Banks (Alumnus)

Lushon Banks: Electrical Engineering Major
Senior Lushon Banks is a first generation college student majoring in Electrical Engineering. In 2010 he was awarded the UW College of Engineering S-STEM Scholarship for showing exceptional promise as a future scholar and leader in an engineering discipline. Read more...

Sirena Merfalen (Alumna)

Sirena Merfalen: Industrial Systems Engineering major and Mathematics minor
Sirena, a UW alum, was born and raised in Seattle, Washington by a Hawaiian mother and Guamanian father. Sirena is the first engineer in her family and hopes to further her education by attaining a masters degree and Ph.D. Read more...


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