Profile: Francisco Chavez

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Francisco Chavez: Chemistry major
Moving from a small city to the UW has been an eventful journey to say the least. I say this with respect to the trials I went through to get here on the path to success. Born and raised in the small eastern Washington town of Pasco, the city is a whole new ballgame for me. My first walk around downtown was mesmerizing to say the least. Pasco high school alumni are few and far between on this side of the state so I had a fresh start. With my burning curiosity and desire for answers, I decided the best path for me was to pursue my childhood ambition of being a “Scientist.” I say “Scientist” because of what the word means to me personally. I’ll admit my childhood illusion of a man in a lab coat blowing stuff up in test tubes was a bit naïve. But it aged with me to a rigorous love of the fascinating phenomenon of nature. That and much more lead to my decision to pursue medicine. Nothing to me seems grander than using science to do amazing things for people’s lives. After becoming exposed to the U, I took up chemistry as my undergrad major and haven’t turned back since! Being the first in my family to go to a University left me with little in terms of study skills and nobody to ask questions. Using the resources allowed to me such the IC and LSAMP has made me a very powerful student. The same classes I received help for were the classes I later tutored in exactly one years time! Amazing how fast stuff happens in the city. These programs and more helped me hone my skills to be able stand a real chance in the ferociously competitive medical field I wish to someday be a part of!