Letter from the Director


Dear LSJ Alumni:

It has been a terrific year for Law, Societies, and Justice!  Our students continue to bring vital energy to our program, and we are confident that the members of the class of 2012 are poised to do some very good work out in the wider world.

It has been an especially good year for us in
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Letter from the Alumni Outreach committee


Last October, as many of us came together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Law, Societies, and Justice program at the University of Washington, director Steve Herbert discussed something he called the “LSJ vibe:” a communal interest in the ways that law and diverse concepts of justice shape our society, and a shared desire to create positive change in our community.
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LSJ Honors Class Presents Work to City Hall Audience


Seven LSJ students recently presented work at Seattle City Hall about the evaluation of Seattle Housing Authority’s criminal records policies and practices.
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LSJ Alumni Outreach Committee helps connects alums with students

LSJ committee photo

The goals of the LSJ Alumni Outreach committee are to connect alums with students, celebrate the program and plan what the program can offer from alumni.
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LSJ alum returns to classroom with course on mental health and the law


Students in Kirsten Longaker’s special topics course, “Mental Health and the Law” examine how those with mental illness are treated within the criminal justice system and how the courts have shaped this landscape.
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LSJ panelists speak about life after graduation


LSJ alums Rachel Mathisen and Steven Yim along with PhD geography student Brandon Derman spoke to LSJ students on Feb. 29 at the Professional and Graduate School Panel Discussion about why they chose to attend law school, public policy school or graduate school, and offered advice about life after graduation.
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LSJ student assists in South Korea’s first overseas voting


LSJ senior Hye Jin Chang has been helping register South Koreans for the first overseas voting as part of her internship with the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Seattle.
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Stromberg Fund to Assist Study Abroad Students


The Stromberg fund will assist students who wish to participate in one of the LSJ-sponsored study abroad programs.
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Alumni and students join together in service


Community engagement is one of the cornerstones of the Law, Societies, and Justice Program. This past year, the LSJ Alumni committee organized two volunteer events, the One Night Count and the LSJ Day of Service, where LSJ Alumni and students joined together to volunteer.
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LSJ alumni honored for their commitment to social justice

Rachel Mathisen

Elisa Cozad and Rachel Mathisen, both former winners of LSJ’s Stromberg Award, recently won similar honors at their law schools for their commitment to social justice.
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