Related Programs

As an interdisciplinary program, Law, Societies, and Justice has direct or indirect connections to almost every social science offered at the University of Washington.  Because of jointly-offered courses or jointly-appointed faculty, some of the most obvious connections are with: American Ethnic StudiesAnthropology, Geography, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, Political Science, and Sociology

LSJ also has a very strong connection to Disability Studies.  Disability Studies is a program that uses an interdisciplinary lens to examine the social, legal, political, and cultural framing of societal understandings of disability.  The Disability Studies Major is offered as a faculty-designed Individualized Studies degree program.

The Human Rights Minor is advised partly through the Political Science advising office and partly through the Jackson School of International Studies advising office.  It looks at the legal, philosophical, historical, economic, political, psychological, cultural and literary dimensions of human rights.

All of these fields of study and research are good ways for students interested in Law, Societies, and Justice to complement or add to their experience in the LSJ major or minor.