Study Abroad

The Law, Societies, and Justice program encourages its students to explore the law within a myriad of social contexts. Our committment to internships provides diverse experiential learning opportunties close to home. For those interested in law within a non-US context, however, LSJ provides excellent Study Abroad programs. These opportunities give students the chance to learn about the law in an often unfamiliar social context. Led by LSJ and/or Law School faculty members, our Study Abroad programs offer a small-group learning situation where undergraduates interact directly with accomplished UW faculty, bringing together the best of both worlds: the resources of a research institution, and the intimacy of small classes.

Additionally, there are several UW-sponsored or UW-affiliated Study Abroad programs with courses that could count towards LSJ major or minor requirements. Please consult the How to Earn LSJ Credit for Study Abroad handout for detailed instructions about earning LSJ credit for study abroad.